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Interactive Projects

Interactive projects are an effective means of involving customers in your brand campaigns.

Activity in SMS interactive does not require any special effort from the customer, since one can participate at a convenient place and time from a mobile phone. Interactives are very dynamic and draw great interest from customers. Interactives are transparent to you, since you can control the amount of customers involved and all aspects of the project.


SMS interactives can be a base for different projects within marketing campaigns, promotions, loyalty programs, marketing research, etc:


  • SMS quizzes, promotions, lotteries
  • SMS contests
  • SMS chats
  • Surveys, studies
  • SMS voting, book of complaints


To participate: find the code on the product pack, register it via SMS on short number 11111 and you and get one of the prizes!


We can develop the whole logic of your interactive project or become a technical partner in any of the following components:

  • Short numbers (in Ukraine)
  • Developing the logic of an interactive project
  • Programming the logic of an interactive project
  • Bulk SMS



With GMS you can also organize your interactive project using the innovative service - USSD-portal.



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