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How to Organize Bulk Messaging

If you need fast, reliable and cost-effective means to inform your customers about your offers, discounts and new features, if you want to contact your customers personally and provide them with a special discount - organizing bulk messaging is the best solution for you.


How to organize Bulk Messaging in Ukraine?


1. Prepare customer numbers you want to send the messages to


With GMS, you can quickly send even large volumes of SMS to subscribers of all mobile operators in Ukraine, which will be delivered, even if the subscriber is in roaming.

If you don’t have your own customer base or you want to attract new customers, we suggest you use the SMS advertising - SMS delivery services offered by operators. These services allow you to select subscribers by Ukrainian regions, gender, age, etc.


2. Create the text of SMS


SMS text messages can be individualized or standard. SMS should be individualized if you want to send your customer an individual discount, mobile banking data or taxi services information.

SMS supports both Latin and Cyrillic text. 1 SMS message can contain up to 160 Latin characters and up to 70 Cyrillic characters. So if you plan on sending long messages, you should consider using the Latin alphabet, in order to reduce the number and, consequently, the cost of your order.


3. Select Alphaname


For your messaging you can choose an Alphaname to be displayed instead of the number of SMS sender. For example, you can specify your company name or brand as an Alphaname. In this case, your SMS will look like:


From: "Store Name"

Text: Dear customer, we invite you to the opening of our new store "Store Name" at Ivanova St., 11. Details: 044 373 69 29


4. Contact your manager at GMS


You do not need to contact every mobile operator! GMS has direct interconnections with all mobile operators in Ukraine.

You can send us your request or call us. Our experts will help you to better organize your messaging experience, and offer special rates for SMS, if you plan on sending large volumes of messages.



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From: "Store name"
Dear customer, we invite you to the opening of a new store "Store Name" at Ivanova St., 11. Details: 044 373 69 29