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Push-technology is another channel of message delivery that works in the mobile phone operating system and allows you to deliver messages to your customers who have installed your mobile app to their smartphone (Android, IOS).

Receiving push-messages is entirely voluntary process and is done with the subscriber’s consent.

Push-messages allow you to send messages even that part of the audience who have not run your application for a long time.


Advantages of push-messages as compared to other channels:
  • 1. In Ukraine, the penetration of smartphones is more than 30% (as of April 2015)
  • 2. Every 3-rd smartphone user goes online everyday
  • 3. Push-message is cheaper than SMS
  • 4. Push-message is more efficient than e-mail
  • 5. You will be charged only for the delivered push-messages
  • 6. Push-messages work for devices without communication module as well.
Why should you choose push-messages service from the GMS:
  • 1. We provide two services of your choice: «push-message» and «push-message + SMS»
  • 2. You have the opportunity to choose a service to work with: API or Web-based interface
  • 3. We provide an option to choose a message delivery channel depending on the priority (for example, if the message is not delivered via push, SMS will be sent)
  • 4. You pay for the push-message only if it is delivered for your specified period of time (if you have chosen «push-message + SMS» and message was delivered via SMS, you don’t need to pay for a push-message). 

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