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USSD-Based Services

USSD technology is commonly used by mobile operators to organize interactive communication with the subscriber by exchanging short messages. The most popular operator’s USSD-service among subscribers is the request to check mobile account balance.


GMS offers a unique opportunity to use USSD technology for promoting your products and services. USSD services are beneficial to you and handy for your customers:


  • provide direct and quick access to information
  • available 24/7
  • no Internet connection required
  • free for the customer
  • provide interactive communication with the customer
  • help to reduce the call center’s workload



Interactive USSD-portal


You can organize an interactive portal for your company: permanent information portal or interactive portal during a certain marketing campaign.


How does this work? 


The customer dials USSD-code of your portal, for example, *222# and gets to the menu. In the menu one can choose the topic one is interested in and get the necessary information or service.




USSD-code: *196*1#



1> Balance
2> Extract
3> Mobile
4> Transfer
5> Block
6> Next


Options: close or respond.



The features of USSD-portal:


  • Duration of USSD-session - 30-100 seconds (depending on the activity of the subscriber)
  • Available languages ​​of USSD-menu: Latin, Cyrillic
  • Depth of USSD-menu: up to 20 sub-menu items in one USSD-menu, up to 10 levels of submenus
  • The size of one page of USSD-content: from 60 Cyrillic characters
  • Sending SMS to a subscriber from USSD-menu is available
  • Answer format within the USSD-menu: numbers.


The features of each USSD-portal are determined individually for each client.


The service is available on the network of operators Kyivstar, MTS and Life:).




Advertising in the operator’s USSD service message (USSD-tails)


GMS provides the the opportunity to place your advertising message at the end of the operator’s USSD service messages. Therefore, your proposal covers the widest base of subscribers of mobile operators in Ukraine.


How does this work?


The subscriber sends a USSD request in the format *111# and gets the requested information from the operator, with your advertising message at the end.


Benefits of advertising in the USSD-tails:


  • Fast delivery of information to the customer
  • High efficiency - 3-25 times increase in the response
  • Additional channel of communication with customers


The service is available on the network of operators Kyivstar and Life:).


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       the service is provided in Ukraine