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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision                                              

As an expert in telecommunication and IT, we are committed to connecting the world with our premium telecom-digital ecosystem. Our vision is to connect you!


Our Mission

Being passionate about telecommunication and IT, our mission is to help our partners unleash their full potential on the basis of our cutting edge technology services.


Our Values

Our company values determin our behavior and how we work: 



Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation is our foremost principle. We welcome, listen, anticipate needs and respond with optimised solutions around the clock.


Strong Professional Team

The key to the success of GMS is our strong team of international professionals who are knowledgable, dedicated and committed to providing the best services to our customers and partners. Demonstrating a "can-do" attitude, we constantly seek to improve our services and to exceed expectations.


Highest Quality

As a GMSA certified Open Connectivity Solution Provider, we have the technology, the knowledge and the reputation to ensure that our services are provided on the highest level possible.   


Focus On Results

We always focus on results and make every effort to achieve our goals despite possible obstacles. Our responsibility for your results is one of the key factor of our success.


Legality and Transparency

We act in accordance with international standards of business ethics and comply with international laws and regulations as well as local laws of the countries in which we act. We use only legal (white) traffic channels and work only with legitimate partners and suppliers, placing great value on our reputation.


Development and Innovation

We are constantly evolving, opening new business opportunities, exploring new markets, and modernizing and expanding the technological capacity of our network in order to offer our clients broader IT and telecommunications options.