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GMS widens the scope of services provided to "Ukreximbank"

GMS continues cooperation with JSC "Ukreximbank" widening the scope of services for message delivery.


“Ukreximbank’s” clients will receive informational messages about their banking transactions, as well as the bank’s news not only via SMS, but also via Viber application.

The distinctive feature of the GMS service is that it will be provided by means of Hyber, a multi-channel messaging platform.


"Ukreximbank" opted for the two communication channels: Viber and SMS. The priority channel is Viber. However, if the customer is "off-line" when the message is being sent, it will be automatically delivered by SMS.


This will improve the quality of "Ukreximbank" service and customer communication, covering the most popular channels, as well as significantly save money on messaging services.

Moreover, in the future, the bank will be able to use another channel by Hyber, namely PUSH-messages.


"We are pleased that the negotiations with the bank were successful, and our company was the first one in Ukraine to a state bank to this type of service", - says Roman Shkryl, Head of Enterprise Relation Division at GMS.


Following the trends in the messaging industry, GMS experts developed Hyber, a platform that helps companies enhance communication with their target audience, and gives an opportunity to choose channels for sending messages. The main feature of the platform is that messages can be sent to multiple available channels and distributed over the priority ones (e.g. Push-Viber-SMS). Only successfully delivered messages are charged, which helps companies optimize the costs on messaging services. 

Learn more about Hyber.