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GMS History

GMS was founded in 2006 in the Ukraine and has since then grown into a truly international telecommunication and IT company. As a result of its success and growing international business, GMS has moved its headquarter to Switzerland in 2014.  


Today GMS is a regional key player in the telecommunications business. It is the leader in SMS- and MMS-services and mobile marketing, processing over 75% of SMS traffic (in Ukraine). Our partners and customers are 400+ companies worldwide.


Major events to date:



2015: New Horizons
  • GMS expands its coverage of direct interconnections with operators in the CIS and worldwide
  • Launch of mobile application for "Mobile Parking" project
  • Launch of innovative services based on USSD technology
  • GMS joins the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
2014: Rebranding and Expansion
  • Successful establishment of a new technological presence in Moscow, Russia
  • GMS presents new company logo and launches new website
  • GMS launches new client interface programs
  • Extending the geographical spread of our Openmind servers throughout the CIS and EU regions
2013: Strengthening the Technological Infrastructure
  • Modernization and expansion of signaling system transit level
  • Reconfiguration and expansion of packet transport network and the implementation of L2
  • Expansion of existing interconnection channels with major mobile operators in Ukraine
  • Modernization of bulk platform and expansion of traffic handling capacity of up to 1 billion SMS messages per month
  • Launch of GMS SMS hub in the CIS A2P market (Russia, Azerbaijan)
  • Developing interconnections with mobile operators in Europe and the CIS region
  • Successful establishment of a new technological presence at the site of one of the major data-centers in Ukraine which will connect transit operators and providers in Ukraine and Europe
2012: Growing Capacities
  • The number of international partners terminating SMS traffic in Ukraine and the CIS is constantly growing
  • Expansion of client and industry portfolio
  • Overall annual amount of SMS messages sent exceeds one billion
2011: Upgrading and Growing
  • Extension of the license of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization of Ukraine (providing fixed telephony services)
  • Modernization of SMS-platform - new functionality introduced for the convenience of clients and partners
  • The GMS team in Kyiv moves its office to a new place (Flora Park BC) 

2010: New Opportunities for Clients
  • Acquisition of a new platform for providing additional services with innovative functional characteristics 
  • GMS launches online statistics for the convenience of clients
  • Actively developing bulk SMS and MMS services
2009: Network Modernization and Services Portfolio Expansion
  • Optimization of the entire network
  • The number of partners and customers is constantly growing
  • Actively developing the provision of additional services  (VAS-Services)
2008: New Launches and Innovations
  • GMS launches a new service to send SMS-messages to landlines in Ukraine (SMS2Voice project under the brand of mobile operators)
  • GMS implements mobile payments for parking in Kiev (the Mobile Parking project)
  • GMS launches the "60 cars in 60 days" interactive project (in cooperation with a mobile operator)
  • Expanding coverage in the CIS region: connecting the leading mobile operators of the region to the GMS platform
2007: Expanding Coverage, Network and Services
  • GMS becomes Associate Member of GSMA
  • Leading Ukrainian banks and other companies use bulk SMS services provided by GMS
  • GMS becomes one of the first certified international GSMA OC compliant SMS hub providers
  • Expanding coverage: GMS connects to the platform of leading Russian and Kazakh mobile operators and continues to expand the network of international partnership
  • A new IP-telephony service is launched
2006: Establishing Technological Leadership
  • State registration of Global Message Services AG, Switzerland
  • State registration of Global Message Services Ukraine LLC
  • GMS acquires two high-tech SMS-platforms from the world's leading supplier, Openmind Networks
  • Implementation of an own network
  • GMS successfully obtained a license from the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine (providing of fixed telephony services)
  • GMS becomes the first and only provider of SMS services in Ukraine to establish direct interconnections with mobile operators in Ukraine
  • GMS opens international destinations, establishing partnerships with the world’s largest SMS hubs