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GMS at the 15th KIAF Awards

On May 30, 2014 Kyiv Olympic Stadium hosted the 15th Kiev International Advertising Festival (KIAF) Award ceremony.

The competition for the traditional prizes of the Festival - KIAF collection plates – featured 1707 works from 17 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Armenia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Switzerland and Uzbekistan.

The program of the evening included the award ceremony itself, as well as ample opportunities for communication before the event and during the traditional KIAF party.

Besides representatives of the contenders, the awards ceremony was attended by a number of independent experts in the field of advertising, marketing and PR.


GMS was represented by the project managers involved in the creation and support of mobile marketing and advertising campaigns for our clients.


Despite the crisis in our country, the organizers of KIAF managed to organize a true celebration. We made several interesting acquaintances that can possibly turn into fruitful cooperation.


                                                                                             Anastasia Popovich, the GMS product expert and the company representative at KIAF.