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Mobile Parking

Client: Kyivtransparkservis (Kyiv city administration)

Service: Development – special project

Project start: 2008

Objective: Optimization of the payment system for parking in Kyiv, ensuring transparency of payments.

Project description: Enabling payment of parking fees by mobile phone.

Solution: GMS handled the complete turnkey project, including configuration of SMS exchange and development of a project website (www.516.com.ua). Major expert knowledge of implementing similar projects in several European countries and specialized platforms from world leading providers have been applied in the process.


Advantages for the city

  • Transparent cash flow due to the increase of cashless transactions
  • Revenues to the city budget and allocation of funds to create parking space
  • The project requires no capital investments from the city
  • Online access to parking statistics
  • Reduction of strain on the city’s central areas
  • The best European expertise

Advantages for the country

  • Increased revenues for the national budget
  • Transparency and online control of all cash flows
  • 10 years of operating experience in Europe and North America

Advantages for users (drivers)

  • Easy to handle
  • No small change required
  • Charge for actual parking time only
  • Manageability of client account and overview
  • Parking account may be topped up at anytime and from anywhere 
  • Parking expiration reminder