How to use bulk messaging via SMS and Viber to drive mobile app adoption

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An increasing number of brands today are creating apps to support their core business, but they often have difficulty in getting users to download and use them. Global Message Services can show you how to increase both download and retention rates by using bulk messaging via SMS and Viber.

App attrition

Many companies build or commission apps. Airlines create apps for ticketing. More and more banks are, like GMS’ client UKRSIBBANK, offering mobile banking. Many retailers – from online supermarkets like Amazon or Rozetka, to delivery companies, to electronics retailers – have apps to facilitate shopping and manage customer loyalty programs.

But as UKRSIBBANK found, after that expense and effort, the problem can be getting customers to download these apps. This is partly a problem of publicity – potential users need to be aware of the app, so you need to make them aware.

There is also the question of retention: getting those who download the app to actually use it and its features. If users don’t take advantage of the full features of an app, that app will not be viewed as favorably as it could be and be more at risk of being abandoned or deleted.

In fact, although people spend a great deal of time with their phone and apps they are only using a few of those apps. The rest are ignored. Some recent research found that “one in five users will never launch an app again after one session….” So, again, it is important to make them aware of how useful your app can be.

Getting the word out

Mobile marketing messages can inform and attract new users, as well as remind those who have downloaded the app about what it can do for them – all on the very device the app is designed for. You want to cover as many of your potential users as possible. Therefore, given the high volumes involved, it is important to understand how best to deliver your campaign.

SMS is a great option for bulk messaging. It is available on everyone’s phones and, with a 94% open rate, it almost guarantees your message gets read.

Viber and similar “over-the-top” (OTT) chat apps are among those apps that do get used frequently and are thus a great way of reaching potential users. Whilst not as universal as SMS, Viber does offer a more interactive and engaging channel with richer features including images. In fact, in our recent campaign with UKRSIBBANK Viber messages achieved twice the conversion rate of SMS. Watch how UKRSIBBANK improved app downloads with GMS.

GMS offers both SMS and OTT messaging, via Hyber, which uses SMS as an automatic fallback if a user cannot be reached by Viber.

Both options offer high volume bulk messaging and furthermore, by using GMS’ handy APIs and the data from your CRM, you can target people in particular segments. Obviously, if you are just raising awareness of the app you can exclude the phone numbers of anyone already using it (you don’t want to appear to be spamming them, after all). You can also tailor your message to certain types of customer – like men over 30 or people who spend a lot on automotive accessories – to inform them about specific features that are relevant to their interests.

The message

Global Message Services can offer turnkey solutions to help raise awareness of your app and increase usage. All you need to do is decide on how to sell your services. It is important to explain what it does and what problems it solves. Does your app make accessing services easier? Or faster? Use your messages to demonstrate how it adds value to the services you offer. You will soon see an increase in downloads, and more people taking advantage of the full features you provide. Contact GMS and start increasing your app downloads today.


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