Customer Experience Manager

We are looking for professional and dedicated Customer Experience Manager, who will create and maintain a bridge between customers and our Company. Customer Experience Manager plans, organizes, directs and coordinates customer relations activities. This position is responsible for customer satisfaction, engagement and retention.

Who we are:

GMS, founded in 2006, is a global messaging provider that offers monetisation solutions for mobile operators in A2P, P2P and P2A messaging, as well as multi-channel messaging solutions for enterprises. Pioneers in messaging monetisation and leaders in the CIS region, GMS has since expanded to over 200 countries.

What you’ll do:

  • Analyze current situation: level of customer experience and key areas of improvement;
  • Develop a strategy for improving customer experience (in close cooperation with sales and operational team);
  • Strategy execution on a basis of current CRM system (for coordinating and monitoring customer experience operations);
  • Define and develop tools for customer experience management
  • Define and implement standards/procedures for ensuring excellent customer experience;
  • Conduct surveys on a regular basis to gather information on customer satisfaction and key pain points;
  • Establish communication channels through which customers can readily contact a company and vice versa; as well as receiving constant updates about the company and it`s products;
  • Oversee the restructuring of an organization into a customer-focused company;
  • Monitor the activities of the commercial and operational team to ensure compliance with set standards of customer service;
  • Promote customer centric culture in the company

What we expect:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, management studies, marketing or in a related discipline;
  • 5+ years experience in the field of B2B customer service or marketing;
  • Strong understanding in Customer research technologies, proven successful experience of customer research projects; well developed analytical & integrating skills;
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-moving business landscape and keep pace with latest customer experience technologies;
  • Strong Interaction Competencies: well-developed influencing skills, building positive environment for partnership with both external customers and internal partners; experienced in cross-functional team work;
  • Advanced level of English & excellent communication skills: providing verbal and written communication that is outstanding to customers, peers, senior management and other stakeholders;
  • Strong business acumen and project management skills;
  • Proficient in MS Office, experienced user of CRM platforms (e.g. Salesforce);
  • Commitment, integrity and progress enthusiast.

What we offer:

  • Multicultural & dynamic environment in fast growing worldwide business;
  • One-of-a-kind company culture — a mixture of open mindset, high dedication, striving for success and team spirit;
  • Professional team that is committed and stands for highest standards of performance;
  • Our values – Commitment, Integrity and Progress – are vivid in day-to-day company activities;
  • Customer oriented culture with a high respect to both internal and external customers;
  • Competitive salary and bonus system;
  • Training, medical insurance and other perks and benefits.

Choosing GMS, you choose progress.

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Working for GMS is like climbing a mountain that you haven’t scaled before. You are looking forward to new challenges and difficulties that need to be overcome. And you learn something new and discover hidden forces within you with every step. And now, a new peak has been reached, another goal is in the piggy bank of achievements. And it seems that there is nowhere higher, but there are hundreds of new peaks on the horizon … 😊 The people are just as important: those who have traveled all the way with you and are ready to go further. My warmest thanks and appreciation to the team!

Maryna Ishchanova

Internal Communications Specialist

Working for GMS is a constant dynamic. There is no place for the word “boring”. There is always a productive atmosphere in the air. It is all about working on different tasks and projects, the opportunity to brainstorm with like-minded people, as well as working in a multicultural environment with the taste of small and big victories. But the main thing is the team. Every day you come to work and meet interesting, versatile people – professionals in their field. Those with whom it’s not only fun to work in a team, learn something new, achieve results, but also relax and have a great time outside of work

Yevhenii Riabov

A2P (MEA) Unit Manager

Working for GMS is a big responsibility. I’m the first person to meet potential colleagues and induct them into the company.  Everything that I say, the way how I say it, intonation and even mood are important. This is really a big challenge. My work at GMS can be compared to walking on a volcano. Today it can be quiet and stable, and the very next day seismic activity is approaching.

Tetiana Vachi

Head of Recruitment Division

GMS is teamwork. It’s a great pleasure to set unattainable goals and achieve them, thanks to your own efforts and colleagues’ support. GMS is primarily a challenge to yourself: are you ready to work at that rhythm? Can you make decisions on your own quickly to achieve the result? People are our most valuable resource. When we launch complex projects, our motivation becomes even stronger and tasks become more ambitious. Then it’s time for the next kick-off strategy!

Vadym Podkolzin

Key Account Manager

Work at GMS is the desire and need for continuous development, the search for new solutions, and the acquisition of new knowledge. The dynamics of growth and development of the company stimulates you to grow and improve. When people around you give their best and do the impossible, you simply cannot stand by, but have to take up a shovel and look for diamonds. It doesn’t matter that diamonds are not mined with a shovel and obviously not in the ground, but you do it anyway. Nothing is impossible if you are a thrilling GMSguy!

Dmytro Lytvynov

Regional Director

Working for GMS is all about working with unique, creative people. At work, as well as in life, there are challenges and difficulties. And it is the team that instills you with confidence in your abilities, supports you at all stages, motivates you to move on. Together we are developing and reaching new heights at work, in sports, and in life. This is the key to our success. #GMSFamily – this is US!

Sergii Kharkov

Senior Project Manager

GMS is a source of self-development and excellent prospects. It is here, where thanks to the focus, the quality of tasks, and perseverance – you can prove yourself and also be marked by colleagues and team leaders. Namely in GMS – you can feel the very team-bulding and networking.

Dmytro Shpatakovskyi


Work at GMS is all about constantly solving complex tasks together with a team of professionals. A large and friendly team, that easily deals with all ambitious tasks and challenges: “Impossible is possible!” Together we achieve our goals, develop professionally and personally, and accept any difficulty as a challenge.

Denys Kapliuk

Senior Lawyer

For me, working at GMS is the challenge: “To be better today than yesterday”. Every year our company reaches new heights, our tasks become more and more complicated and interesting. We are not afraid of taking risks and we are able to transform quickly to be always the leader of our business. I am very motivated by this crazy drive, a friendly and professional team, the opportunity to develop and realize myself.

Andrii Nastenko

Head of Business Analysis Division