Java Developer

We are a team of proactive and inspired colleagues who appreciate client-oriented and responsible work approach. Now we are looking for a talented Java Developer to join us. In this role, you will take part in different projects to satisfy our customers requests (MNP, BI etc.) together with Front-end and PHP Developers, DevOps, QA, etc. We are looking forward to seeing you as a part of our team!

Who we are:

GMS, founded in 2006, is a global messaging provider that offers monetization solutions for mobile operators in A2P, P2P, and P2A messaging, as well as multi-channel messaging solutions for enterprises. Pioneers in messaging monetization and leaders in the CIS region, GMS has since expanded to over 200 countries.

What you’ll do:

  • Contributing to all phases of the software development lifecycle.
  • Updating existing software using the Java technology stack.
  • Developing new functionality using the below technologies.
  • Participating in the stage of creating business requirements.
  • Elaborating and implementing the technical strategy of the stack.
  • Creating and adjusting software deployment plans.
  • Involving and consulting in commercial projects as an expert.
  • Engaging in processes which using Cloud Technologies.
  • Working with BigData (using specific technologies stack).
  • Designing and implementing communication APIs.

What we expect:

  • English – Intermediate level.
  • 2+ years of experience in Java Development.
  • In-depth knowledge of Java Core, Java 8 and above.
  • Software design patterns and paradigms comprehension.
  • Experience with Object Oriented Design.
  • Experience in application testing.
  • Good knowledge of Spring platform (IoC, Boot, MVC, etc.).
  • Experience in JMS (ActiveMQ, Kafka, etc.).
  • Deep understanding of JDBC and ORM frameworks (Hibernate).
  • Experience in RESTful API implementation and integration.
  • Working with SQL and NoSQL databases.

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Grow together with our team

    Meet our people

    Working for GMS is an exciting opportunity to apply your personal, natural talents, develop new skills, and take inspiration working with colleagues from different countries on many continents. It is an amazing experience to meet various nationalities, taste many cultures and introduce yourself to the world.

    For me, GMS is an environment where you could suggest anything which can improve the company and our services, irrespective of your current position. It’s a place where your ideas can be heard, implemented, and give you great results!

    Sergii Sushchenko

    Head of Pre-Sales Division

    For me, working at GMS means being involved in a fast-growing player in the telecom market, which opens up more opportunities for my personal growth and gaining valuable knowledge. GMS is a team of very professional and experienced employees who create a productive, yet very friendly atmosphere. It inspires me a lot.

    Oleksandr Krasin

    Technical Support Engineer

    GMS is a part of big, interesting projects, and gives me an opportunity to create the IT system of my dreams with a team of selfless colleagues. The most extraordinary tasks always find an ideal solution, and this is greatly appreciated. The comfortable work environment in our company is due to the attitude of each employee and it is nice to know that everyone is doing their best over 100%.

    Viktor Korobkov

    Head of IT Operations Division

    Working for GMS brings new challenges every day, difficult and sometimes impossible. But with fresh ideas, advice, and the support of our fantastic team, we secure new wins every day. For me, GMS is a highly professional team, which not only performs their job well but provides the best service to make customers happy, doing our best to allow their business to grow.

    Denys Migunov

    Head of Network Management Division

    GMS is a space of opportunities and challenges that open up before me. The company’s rapid growth makes it possible to solve interesting problems, gain new knowledge, communicate and learn together with cool, experienced colleagues. Each day is a coin for my professional growth piggy bank. From year to year, the company becomes a strong player in the global telecommunications market, and it is nice to know that I contribute to this, too.

    Andrii Sukhin

    Billing Specialist

    Working at GMS is:
    – making the complex understandable;
    – providing high-quality and easy-to-understand solutions for colleagues;
    – being flexible in approaches and methods;
    adapting to new, challenging conditions;
    and thus ensuring GMS’ progress as well your own personal.

    Ihor Lapka


    Working for GMS is an excellent experience, with challenging tasks. For me, GMS is a team of professionals who always work together to improve results. Together we achieve our goals, develop professionally and personally, and turn all difficulties into challenges. We are a large and friendly Family!

    Kyrylo Visych

    Corporate Server Systems Senior Engineer

    For me, working at GMS means, above all, work and self-development in a professional team. Thanks to this you get new experience, face previously unknown tasks, learn to deal with challenges, and constantly develop. GMS is a real school, a forge of first-class specialists. The knowledge and experience you get here are priceless.

    Igor Lisogorskyi

    Senior Engineer