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Leading multichannel household appliances & electronics retailer


Improving loyalty program communication to boost sales.


A combination of Viber and SMS messaging was used to communicate with certain client segments, directly impacting sales.


Thanks to the Viber channel, Compfy has an opportunity to identify and reach multichannel customers: if one has a Viber account, there is a high probability that this person actively uses the Internet and online services (e-commerce, e-payments, etc.). Viber message combines the features of SMS (the customer instantly receives and opens it, accessed via mobile phone, which is always with the user) and email features (the message is not deadlocked, has a link to the site, can directly lead to purchase). In fact, Comfy has 15% higher response rate from Viber users.


Multichannel communication makes it possible to change value-proposition for different clients: Viber-users get one message, SMS-receivers – another, resulting in a more tailored loyalty program outreach.

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