By using Viber services via GMS as an additional channel for abandoned cart recovery, Comfy increased turnover by 10%. This is a significant figure when it comes to online sales



COMFY is the first multichannel retailer of household appliances and electronics in Ukraine, one of the top 3 largest online market players with a network of over 90 stores.


Use additional communication channels to overcome the abandoned shopping cart challenge.


COMFY chose Viber as it combines the features of SMS (immediate reach) and email (messages may contain a link to the site and lead to a targeted action).


Using Viber messaging via GMS as an additional channel for abandoned cart recovery has increased the turnover for this trigger by 10% over 7 months.

COMFY found Viber to be a highly effective channel for sending their audience customized offers: their Viber business messages show 30% higher open rate than SMS.

The company continues to use Viber for sending offers for both online and offline shopping.

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