MAXICARD faced a challenging task: to win back “lost clients.” With the help of GMS, they managed to retrieve 3.48% of customers who had spent over 3 million UAH in their network



MAXICARD is the first multi-brand loyalty program in Ukraine with its own transaction network.


To win back “lost clients” who did not carry out any transactions in the network for more than 6 months.


With the help of GMS, MAXICARD sent customers a message with an offer to make a purchase of 1 UAH or more and get a discount, earn a bonus, or win a prize. MAXICARD decided not to narrow the choice to one channel but use both Viber and SMS.


The result was that MAXICARD managed to bring back 3.48% of customers who had spent over 3 million UAH in the partners’ network in just one and a half months.

78,108 customers received Viber messages, of which 3,193 made a purchase. The conversion rate was 4.09%.

“Viber allows one to send business messages accompanied by pictures and call-to-action buttons and deliver it to the “native” channel of communication. So such messages simply can’t remain unread!” – Igor Shumitskiy, CMO at MAXICARD

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