Mobile Advertising

Use big data insights to deliver amazing campaign performance

Targeted campaigns are more effective and cost-effective. Segmented communications see higher click-through rates by being more relevant to the customer’s interests

Why Mobile advertising

GMS’ Mobile Advertising service helps you promote services and increase sales by reaching the largest group of potential customers — mobile subscribers

A relevant message drives conversion

GMS allows marketers and advertisers to segment and target their potential mobile audience according to the following criteria

  • Gender
  • Age
  • City of residence
  • Mobile phone operating system
  • Mobile phone model
  • Additional services typically used by subscribers
  • Roaming subscribers

Message relevance directly correlates with improved engagement and a more favorable view of your brand: increase the conversion rate of advertisements and aid your multichannel marketing efforts with targeted advertising.

Key Mobile Advertising benefits
  • Fast and effective direct communication with consumers
  • Inform customers about promotions and special offers
  • Expanding the range and types of potential clients
  • Execute interactive marketing campaigns
  • Improve cost optimization and campaign profitability
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention

Tell your customers about new products. Announce promotions and special offers. Circulate useful information about your company’s proposals, choosing exactly the audience that you want.

Big data messaging

Want more precision? GMS’ Big Data Messaging service offers even more precise targeted SMS campaigns.

Deliver your marketing messages to a tightly defined audience using big data messaging from GMS: based on several criteria: subscriber profile, subscriber preferences, and location. All you need to do is fill out the order form, selecting the necessary segmentation criteria. GMS will ensure the distribution of your messages and provide a full report on the results of the campaign.

The use of big data and the mobile operator’s database enables you to address customer needs more efficiently, using personalized marketing messages with real relevance for their specific recipient.

  • Precision targeted, up to 80% accuracy
  • Use contact details of active subscribers
  • Use a unique alpha-numeric name
  • Target subscribers in a district, street, or area of your choice
  • Contact anyone in the mobile operator’s database, excluding non-residents

Whatever the goal, Mobile Advertising is an effective and cost-efficient form of advertising that aims to increase your target audience and engage new customers.

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Our network encompasses 900+ mobile operators, with over 240 directly connected to GMS, which grants instant message delivery to any place on Earth


GMS’ multichannel messaging platform grants you access to multiple communication channels, which can be used depending on your business needs

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GMS was the first SMS services provider in Ukraine and has grown to become a recognized international messaging provider

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GMS has six offices located all over the globe, and an HQ in Baar, Switzerland, meaning wherever you are, GMS is there for you


GMS sets and follows high standards of security, recognized by ISO certifications

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More than 400 brands enhance their audience interaction with multichannel communications, voice and customer engagement tools from GMS

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