Mobile Number Portability

MNP Lookup

GMS introduces the MNP Lookup service, which will allow service providers to determine the subscriber number’s network affiliation correctly and to improve message delivery quality of service, as well as to reduce delivery costs

What is MNP?

MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is a process that allows a mobile network subscriber to migrate to another operator’s network within the country while keeping their mobile number

As Number Portability becomes more prevalent around the globe, and as more numbers are ported over time, the complexity of traffic routing to the correct network becomes a significant challenge for service providers: hubs, aggregators, signal providers, MNOs, banks and financial institutions.

In this case, without knowing the identity of the subscriber’s ported number, the service provider will route the traffic incorrectly and, will therefore face unnecessary operational expenses. GMS’ MNP Lookup service allows the service providers to identify the network affiliation of the subscriber’s number and route the messages correctly, reducing delivery costs and taking less time to deliver the message.

How does it work?
  1. Service provider makes a request to GMS’ MNP platform using ENUM protocol.

  2. GMS MNP platform provides customizable MNP response specifying subscriber’s Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) from database and other external sources.

Why GMS’ MNP Lookup service

Avoid incorrect routing and route traffic to the right network on the first try: MNP Lookup will help avoid unnecessary operational expenses.

Increase customer satisfaction through fast traffic routing thanks to high speed database queries processed via our API (more than 1000 queries/second).

Receive correct routing information securely via an ENUM connection-based technological exchange.

Improve service quality and reduce the price of messages delivered to ported subscribers of specific networks.

MNP Lookup is an efficient and economical service that allows service providers to optimize traffic routing expenses while improving the quality of customer service. Contact GMS experts to learn more about pricing and coverage.

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