Viber Stickers

Create vibrant, branded stickers that build engagement

Viber Stickers are an innovative mobile advertising tool that gets user’s attention as an app native and useful format

Viber Stickers

Viber Stickers are a Viber-exclusive native service and a great mobile advertising tool for engaging and interacting with customers

Stickers are incredibly popular: 30% of Viber’s 1bn+ worldwide users send stickers every day. Because they help users to better express themselves in conversations with one another, stickers meld utility with consumer emotions and organically build a connection with your brand. GMS provides a complete sticker creation service, to get you started quickly. Implementation is versatile: sticker packs can be made “free and follow”, encouraging people to subscribe to your messages; they can even be used for promotional purposes.

Types of sticker formats
  • Static: personalized stickers that help brands stand out
  • Clickable: for promotional campaigns in Viber chats
  • Audio: improve brand recognition by engaging audibly
  • Animated: bring your brand to life and color customer communications with emotions

GMS provides a complete sticker pack creation service and support each step in the process
  • Choosing your custom sticker pack formats
  • Development of sticker packs in line with business goals
  • Matching sticker packs with Viber’s technical specifications
  • Ensuring sticker packs are successfully published in Viber’s official sticker market

Trusted advertising and native engagement

An engaging and interactive way to reach an audience, Viber Stickers give your brand greater exposure. With one sticker being shared an average of 11 times, Viber Stickers enjoy massive virality. GMS’ turnkey service will take you through the whole sticker creating process, from initial idea to deployment.

Enhance your customer engagement strategy today.

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Viber stickers

GMS have created our own sticker pack. Over just one month, more than 1 million users shared 2.19 million stickers. Our most popular sticker was sent 238,000 times.

Stickers offer a great way to get your brand in front of people, in a way that they will freely share with one another. Sticker packs are an easy way to grow brand awareness natively and organically.

Key facts and features

Viber is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, available on all major mobile devices and operating systems. With a free and secure connection, over 1 billion users worldwide communicate through high-quality audio and video calls, Viber messaging, and much more. All Viber calls and chats are protected by built-in end-to-end encryption, so you can be sure that your conversations are always secure. 


users in 193 countries


penetration in CIS

TOP 10

one of the top 10 most popular apps


messages sent per day per user


average launches per day


of Viber users send stickers daily


of Viber users make voice and video calls daily


of Viber users share photos and videos daily


Free and highly secure connection, built in end-to-tend encryption.

Official partner of Rakuten Viber since 2015

We are proud of our partnership with Rakuten Viber and happy to develop and improve Viber services. Together we work on allowing brands to provide their customers with a personalized experience and drive business growth.

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*Minimum volume – 50,000 Viber Business Messages per month