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Interactive projects

Using interactives allows your business to create consistent, cost-efficient, instantly recognizable channels which can be used for multiple SMS campaigns. Shortcodes are an efficient tool for interactive communication with your customers within advertising campaigns, mobile marketing, voting, TV shows.

Where to use?

  • SMS Voting, TV shows
  • Marketing surveys: product preference, customer satisfaction, NPS
  • Promotions: marketing campaigns, registrations, and notifications

What are the benefits for your business?

  • A new and flexible channel of communication with your customers
  • Possibility to lease short numbers from one service provider
  • A powerful tool for communication and immediate data collection
  • Instant reception of replies and formation of statistics
  • All incoming messages are free
  • Two-way communication with the customer

Short codes

Create one or more custom numbers

Using a custom, easily memorable unique number for multiple marketing campaigns cuts costs and provides a consistent, instantly recognizable channel for your marketing outreach.

Measure campaign effectiveness

Improving is crucial to not let your marketing budget go to waste: keep track of your campaign effectiveness by analyzing delivery and response rates.

Leave worrying about the back-end logic to GMS

Cutting-edge technology, easy to use: GMS offers a user-friendly interactive platform.

Interactives allow you to stand out from the constant flow of information your customers process daily. Focus their attention, and start a dialogue: making it easy for your customer to contact you for more information will turn every interaction into a potential lead, directly impacting sales.

Use cases


Customer satisfaction rate has been increased using short number while the overall cost for customer’s notification decreased; SMS-verification allowed to effectively identify customers without having them take any extra steps; Viber allowed to improve marketing strategy by analyzing the insights from the conversion rates.


Allo’s promo campaign conversion rates and subsequent sales increased by 22%. Contacts via mobile phone (OTT messengers and SMS) proved to be most efficient and cost-effective for different types of campaigns and promos.


With the help of GMS, METRO’s promo campaign conversion rate doubled. For “Open doors” campaigns traffic to stores increased by 10%. In 2018, METRO plans to increase Viber traffic to up to 4 million Viber messages a month.

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