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What used to be possible through only a limited number of channels, messaging today is ever so fast, efficient and diverse. SMS, push notifications or OTT messaging — every communication channel has its benefits and each of them can be used to attain the full potential of the outreach to customers.
GMS has been Viber`s official partner since 2015.

Messaging today is ever so fast, efficient and diverse.

SMS, Push notifications, email or OTT messaging – every communication channel has its benefits and each of them can be used to attain the full potential of the outreach to customers. Choosing the right ones or combining them soundly and strategically can be instrumental in enhancing customer engagement and establishing a fail-proof multichannel two-way communication.

Push notifications

Push is a cost-efficient, targeted form of notification allowing optimization of mobile apps and providing actionable insights. It evolved from the form of communication that iOS and Android developers used to reach the users of their apps. Today, however, it has moved beyond that: surveys indicate that 70% of people who have downloaded apps from their favorite brands enable push notifications, with travel and transport sectors having the highest push notification opt-in rates.

Unlike SMS, it allows inclusion of features like links, logos or pictures of the sender, action buttons, and a larger message (up to 1,000 characters). Boasting high click-through rates, instant delivery and effectiveness, push notifications are a way to speak directly to customers engaging them in a real-time conversation. They can be used to remind them about your app, quickly react to breaking news and relevant trends, promote new services, notify about loyalty programs, send transactional information or drive the audience further into your marketing environment (social networks, events, site). Being able to communicate with the customer instantly and directly might just be the edge your business needs.

At the same time, as receiving of push notification is a decision that user makes, businesses don’t have to worry about annoying the clients with push notifications: people reached by them are those who wanted to be reached.

OTT Messaging (Viber)

The number of OTT messaging users is expected to reach over 2.4 billion users worldwide by 2020, with Viber being the fastest growing of them.

Viber is a highly cost-efficient way of establishing a dialogue with your customers. It can be used as a marketing tool to suggest special offers, loyalty programs, and promotions, as a transaction channel to validate authentication, provide delivery reports and account information, or as a form of two-way communication including notifications and alerts. Viber is a strong advantage is that it allows including of the visual assets, longer messages (up to 1,000 characters in both Latin and Cyrillic) and links, as well as providing detailed delivery reports.

OTT messaging apps have claimed their place among the most used communication channels and today continue to grow, providing more and more new opportunities for reaching out to customers.

Viber reach

  • 900
  • million
  • unique registered users worldwide
  • Algeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Libya, South Africa
  • Australia/NZ
  • Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Balkans
  • Brazil, Mexico, Colombia
  • Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq
  • US
  • Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India
  • France, UK, Germany, Ireland, Benelux, Sweden

GMS has been Viber`s official partner since 2015


SMS is a common, fast, and reliable communication method. Admittedly less flexible in terms of TTL settings and limited to 160 Latin characters (or 70 Cyrillic), it has, however, its ubiquity speaking for it. There are over 2.3 billion smartphone users in the world and the number will increase by 80% from 2014 to 2020. Not requiring location sharing, internet connection or any specific app to be delivered and read, SMS thus encompasses the biggest number of customers who you can reach anywhere, anytime. This makes it invaluable for 2-factor authentication (2FA), time-sensitive communications, and most marketing efforts. Because of this advantage, the decline in P2P traffic (person-to-person SMS), is compensated for by the surge in application-to-person messaging: A2P SMS market is currently estimated to be worth $70.32 billion by 2020. Additionally, this type of messaging holds the potential for synergy with another type called person-to-application: when used together with P2A, A2P becomes even more powerful, creating a 2-way communication channel engaging customers in a dialogue. Finally, SMS is fast and trusted by the audience: SMS has a 94% open rate, 9 in 10 texts are read within 3 seconds, and it ranks highest in surveys on audiences’ trust for messaging platforms. These trends and its ubiquity ensure that SMS stays one of the key communication channels.


Email marketing helps businesses connect with their audiences, promote their brand, and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with email, like sell products and services, share some news, send notifications, and more.

With GMS Email service, it’s easy to find the right templates for any message — whether you’re sending a welcome email, notifying customers of a new product/service, or wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Email advantages:

  • Sending mass and personalized emails to selected recipients
  • Statistics by sent and delivered emails
  • Sending emails with attachments
  • Bulk email campaigns using templates
  • Uploading address books and sending emails to selected recipients
  • Uploading recipients from a file

Where to use:

  • Retail
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Tour operators
  • Delivery and logistics companies

Discover Hyber

As uniquely useful as all of these channels are, they work even better in synergy, when utilized in a multichannel marketing strategy. GMS’ Hyber platform is a user-friendly, high-quality platform which allows to handle, configure and monitor multichannel communications efficiently and effortlessly.

Hyber’s unique delivery system is all about finding the most optimal, cost-efficient way to reach your customers: it will prioritize Push as the most cost-efficient channel, then a messaging app as the second most cost-efficient communication and, if the cheaper options are unavailable, make sure to still reach the customer with the most ubiquitous channel – SMS. Guaranteed delivery, no overcharging. Check it out on a Hyber page.

Use cases


Viber service via GMS as an additional channel for abandoned cart recovery has increased the turnover by 10%. This is a significant figure when it comes to online sales.


Customer satisfaction rate has been increased using short number while the overall cost for customer’s notification decreased; SMS-verification allowed to effectively identify customers without having them take any extra steps; Viber allowed to improve marketing strategy by analyzing the insights from the conversion rates.


With the help of GMS, METRO’s promo campaign conversion rate doubled. For “Open doors” campaigns traffic to stores increased by 10%. In 2018, METRO plans to increase Viber traffic to up to 4 million Viber messages a month.

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