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Mobile advertising

GMS Mobile advertising service helps you organize sending SMS messages with your company's advertising offers for the largest base of potential customers — subscribers of mobile operators.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising allows you to conduct highly effective targeted marketing campaigns based on the ability to select the base of recipients of your information, according to the following criteria:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • City of residence
  • Average amount of mobile communication costs
  • Mobile phone operating system
  • Mobile phone model
  • Using additional services by subscribers
  • The subscriber locating in roaming for a period of time

By using this service, you will receive a marketing tool for pinpoint targeted communications with customers and increase the conversion rate of advertisements.

This type of advertising is the most flexible and does not require advance planning and additional costs for production.

Your opportunities with the service:

  • Getting a fast and effective way to communicating directly with the consumers
  • Informing potential customers about promotions and special offers of the company
  • Attracting new customers and expanding the range of potential clients
  • Carrying out marketing campaigns with a high impact on the buyer
  • Cost optimization and high profitability of the advertising campaign due to clear targeting and flexible pricing
  • Retaining customer loyalty – advertising messages delivered to customers who agreed to receive it

GMS Mobile advertising is an effective and cost-efficient form of advertising that aims to increase your target audience and engage new customers.

Tell your customers about new services. Announce promotions and special offers. Bring useful information about your company's proposals, choosing exactly the audience that you need.

Using GMS Mobile advertising service, you will be able to solve your business tasks to promote products or services and increase sales.

Use cases


Viber service via GMS as an additional channel for abandoned cart recovery has increased the turnover by 10%. This is a significant figure when it comes to online sales.


Customer satisfaction rate has been increased using short number while the overall cost for customer’s notification decreased; SMS-verification allowed to effectively identify customers without having them take any extra steps; Viber allowed to improve marketing strategy by analyzing the insights from the conversion rates.


The response to Viber is 2% higher than in SMS.

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