Hyber Platform

A single point of access for your mobile marketing channels

Hyber is GMS’ secure, reliable multichannel messaging platform. It gives enterprises and brands the tools they need to communicate – whether that means building brand loyalty, promoting services, or delivering mission-critical information – with complete confidence.

A crucial component in modern mobile marketing is multichannel: building engagement and brand loyalty over multiple touchpoints.

Customers today spend much of their time online, and yet they are much harder to reach than ever before. Over 5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide spend hours on their smartphones, and every moment you could be reaching out to them, and so could your competitors.

Businesses need to make the most of their communications strategy, to make their voices heard over all the others vying for their audience’s attention at any given moment. To be successful, communications need to be multichannel, cost-efficient, and optimized to perfection. This is where Hyber comes in.

True multichannel choices

Hyber broadcasts your messages through a combination of channels. Pick from push notifications, messengers and SMS.

Guaranteed delivery

Mix-and-match channel options to ensure messages get through. Clients can select or exclude channels according to their business model and strategy.

Customized and personalized

Hyber also provides many customization options, including channel prioritization, TTL (time to live), and CRM integration.


Why Hyber

Hyber allows you to use multiple communication channels with your audience simultaneously: push, messengers, and SMS. It is a secure, reliable and efficient platform that ensures faultless and timely message delivery across channels.

Hyber also provides you with detailed reports showing the performance of your campaigns online: delivered/not delivered; delivered through messenger, SMS or push; accepted/not accepted; and reasons for non-delivery, etc.

A wide choice of channels

Push, Messengers, SMS

Building a dialogue

Engage your customers in a 2-way communication

Guaranteed delivery

Through one channel or another, Hyber will reach your customers

Cost-efficient marketing

You only pay for successfully delivered messages

Reports and analysis

Customizable, transparent, detailed real-time statistics

Safe and reliable

Encrypted, high throughput and 99.9% uptime

Standard IP-based protocol


Easy to use

User-friendly interface, 24/7 support

Our team of highly qualified technical specialists works on the GMS network 24/7. They provide round-the-clock customer support, and monitor the network non-stop, promptly notifying you of any irregularities in the connections. Hyber will ensure the delivery of your messages across channels to the right audience, at the right moment, at the best price.

Download Hyber API Protocols

How does it work

Stage 01 >>>

First, choose a combination of channels you want to use, to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Stage 02 >>>

Then, set customisable settings for each channel to tailor it to your communication strategy.

Stage 03 >>>

Broadcast your messages across channels until successfully delivered.

Stage 04

Finally, the performance is easy to track with real-time online delivery reports.

Reliable and trusted multichannel solutions

Multichannel is a crucial component of modern mobile marketing: building engagement and brand loyalty over multiple touchpoints. GMS delivers turnkey solutions for your business needs. Use a selection of channels via the Hyber platform (such as push, messengers, and SMS) to boost the efficiency of your communication with customers.

Enhance your multichannel communications today.

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