Push Notifications

Engage and retain users with personalized and targeted Push Notifications

Build the value of your app and reach customers through a branded environment you control

Why Push Notifications

Boasting high click-through rates, instant delivery, and effectiveness, push notifications are a great way to speak directly to customers

Push is a cost-efficient, targeted form of notification sent from a company to their application installed on the end user’s phone. In doing so they simultaneously enhance the utility of the app while providing actionable analytics and insights into messaging performance.

With GMS’ comprehensive messaging platform, Hyber, you can easily send Push Notifications direct to a user’s screen, while message creation is simple and intuitive, with flexible delivery and timing options. GMS also offers rich analytics allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your messaging. Our platform also supports CRM and customizable address books, allowing you to segment and target your audience.

What can you do
  • Help customers use your app
  • Quickly react to breaking news and relevant trends
  • Promote new services
  • Notify customers about loyalty programs
  • Send transactional information
  • Drive the audience further into your marketing environment

User opt in means businesses don’t have to worry about annoying subscribers with Push Notifications: people reached via push have previously agreed to be contacted and retain easy control over whether to continue doing so.

Make more out of your app

Enterprises can incorporate their app into their multichannel strategy. Getting started couldn’t be easier – all we need is a few specifications, and in one to two days you will receive a Service Development Kit and our technical recommendations. From that point on you can connect your app directly to our Hyber platform, incorporating Push into a full suite of multichannel options.

Reliable and trusted multichannel solutions

Multichannel is a crucial component of modern mobile marketing: building engagement and brand loyalty over multiple touchpoints. GMS delivers turnkey solutions for your business needs. Use a selection of channels via the Hyber platform (such as push, messengers, and SMS) to boost the efficiency of your communication with customers.

Reach out to your customers with the most secure and reliable global messaging provider. Use Push Notifications to enhance your communications today.

Get started

Push notifications

Features include
  • Up to 1000 characters message size
  • Deep link
  • Pictures, logos, and branding
  • Action buttons



Our network encompasses 900+ mobile operators, with over 240 directly connected to GMS, which grants instant message delivery to any place on Earth


GMS’ multichannel messaging platform grants you access to multiple communication channels, which can be used depending on your business needs

International recognition

GMS was the first SMS services provider in Ukraine and has grown to become a recognized international messaging provider

Global presence  

GMS has six offices located all over the globe, and an HQ in Baar, Switzerland, meaning wherever you are, GMS is there for you


GMS sets and follows high standards of security, recognized by ISO certifications

Success cases

More than 400 brands enhance their audience interaction with multichannel communications, voice and customer engagement tools from GMS

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