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Viber Business Messages

GMS has been a proud partner of Viber since 2015 and we are happy to propose a full range of Viber services to our customers worldwide. We will provide you with a turn-key communication solutions tailored to fit your business needs.

Viber Business Messages

Make it personal! Go beyond traditional SMS. Begin a dialogue with your audience, interact with them and provide value to them in a native environment.

Why Business messages?

  • Immediate
  • Direct
  • High open rate
  • Secure
  • Effective

Viber Business Messages can be personal, informational, transactional or promotional. This makes it an ideal marketing tool for your business. Some ideas on how you can use Viber Business Messages:

  • For special offers, loyalty programs, and promotions
  • As a transaction channel to validate authentication and provide delivery reports and account information
  • As a form of two-way communication including notifications and alerts

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Viber Business Messages content

Viber gives you a choice of one- or two-way messaging. Your communication doesn’t have to be one-sided; you can receive a response from your customers and start off a dialogue. Or make it straightforward and send a one-way communication.

One-way messaging

Your customers receive messages from you without having the ability to reply.

Two-way messaging

Your customers can reply to your message and initiate a conversation with you. Two-way service allows you to engage your customers in a dialogue via Viber, as well as via push technology in client app.

Compared to standard SMS, where you can send only text of up to 160 characters, with Viber Business Messages you can send text, images, buttons, and links all in the same message.



Nova Poshta

Nova Poshta

Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza

Deep link

Make it easy for your customers to reach you by putting a button with an active hidden link on your web or mobile site, enabling your customers to initiate Viber conversations directly from the website.

How can Viber Business Messages benefit you?

Share your company’s latest updates and information in a more engaging way in your customer`s native environment

Use wider options for content creation (text, links, etc)

Create a dialogue with your customers via Viber, using “two-way” service

Reach your customers in your target market worldwide

Track and understand their reactions using our API

Drive them to perform actions

Pay only for delivered messages

How Viber helped METRO

There is no reward greater than a pleased customer. METRO’s Head of Marketing explains how and why hooking up with GMS was the right step for them and how using Viber has helped to generate more footfall in their stores.

Viber in combination with other channels

Given the gaining popularity of multi-channel trends in messaging, we are delighted to propose turnkey solutions for your marketing needs and raise the efficiency of your communication with customers. The most popular combination used by our clients is a mix of Viber + SMS messages, which enhances sales effectiveness and stimulates client engagement..

To deliver the best quality of communications for your business needs, GMS created its multi-channel platform Hyber which allows you to use different channels of communication with your audience simultaneously: push, OTTs (Viber), SMS. It is a secure, reliable and cost-efficient platform that ensures faultless and timely message delivery across channels.

Hyber also provides you with detailed reports showing the performance of your campaigns in real time online: delivered/not delivered; delivered through Viber, SMS or push; accepted/not accepted; reasons for non-delivery.


More than 400 happy businesses already send Business Messages to their clients using Viber. Get inspired by successful cases.

Use cases


Thanks to the Viber channel, Comfy has an opportunity to identify and reach multichannel customers: if one has a Viber account, there is a high probability that this person actively uses the internet and online services (e-commerce, e-payments, etc.).


Allo’s promo campaign conversion rates and subsequent sales increased by 22%. Contacts via mobile phone (OTT messengers and SMS) proved to be most efficient and cost-effective for different types of campaigns and promos.


With the help of GMS, METRO’s promo campaign conversion rate doubled. For “Open doors” campaigns traffic to stores increased by 10%. In 2018, METRO plans to increase Viber traffic to up to 4 million/month.

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