P2P Messaging

Secure P2P messaging traffic – A critical element of any operator’s service

GMS provides a single point of access for connecting to the whole world. With over 900 connections and 240 direct connections around the world, we ensure global reach for our partners, and help them communicate

P2P Messaging

P2P traffic is the backbone of an operator’s messaging offering. GMS ensures reliable transport, clearly separated from A2P and P2A

Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging has been around for a while, and most operators are experienced at handling it. However, today the telecommunications world is changing and evolving under constant pressure from consumer habits, giving a boost to new types of traffic and slowing down the growth of the old ones. While P2P SMS usage has been impacted by OTT messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, the surge in other types of SMS, like A2P and P2A, is driving the overall growth of SMS messaging.

P2P traffic remains a crucial service for subscribers and cannot be forgotten. With over 5 billion unique mobile subscribers as of August 2019, the global mobile ecosystem – including personal SMS messaging – is huge. Furthermore, with the advent of Rich Communications Services operators have a means with which to rebuild traffic volumes lost to the OTTs. A channel with the features of messaging apps, but native to the phone, allows mobile operators to reassert their role in the messaging value chain. At GMS, we can enable a complete RCS deployment, alongside an SMS fallback, so P2P traffic will always flow reliably.

P2P remains crucial

GMS provides reliable interconnections and route management, with maximum transparency, in order to properly handle the various types of traffic appropriately. P2P routes will remain viable and clean, while A2P and P2A traffic will be routed appropriately. Our secure and reliable SMS delivery will maximise network efficiency and integrity.

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Our network encompasses 900+ mobile operators, with over 240 directly connected to GMS, which grants instant message delivery to any place on Earth

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We have 15 years of expertise in the field of telecommunications. Sharing this expertise, exchanging best practices, and fostering cooperation help advance the cause of the whole industry

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GMS has six offices located all over the globe, and an HQ in Baar, Switzerland, meaning wherever you are, GMS is there for you

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GMS’ track record includes dozens of successful cases of network security and messaging monetisation worldwide


GMS sets and follows high standards of security, recognized by ISO certifications


We want you to stay on top of the cutting-edge messaging technologies. That’s why GMS regularly provides tailored educational training to operator’s employees

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