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Monetization solution

GMS Monetization is a straightforward, turnkey solution which enhances operators’ SMS business by addressing technical issues, as well as commercial and legal. A step-by-step project plan will enhance the security and overhaul the business processes to put the operator in complete control of his network, and boost revenues.

Why opt for Monetization?

  • Transform operator’s SMS channels into a crucial revenue source
  • Bilateral transparency at every stage
  • Managing every aspect of operator’s SMS business efficiently
  • Revenue growth resulting from full protection and security of your network
  • Greatly reduce illegal traffic thereby leading to increased loyalty of subscribers

The idea of GMS Monetization solution

  • Authorized traffic
  • Unauthorized traffic, fraud, spam

International traffic

MNO Network

National traffic

How to monetize your network?

The A2P SMS market is booming and is estimated to be worth around $70.32 billion by 2020. And yet, many operators are still losing huge profits to grey routes and fraudulent messaging which have recently risen by 27.2% in P2P and 40.9% in A2P. This rise comes with many challenges for the MNOs: spam, spoofing, malware distribution, flooding, faking.

Lacking control over their messaging volumes, mobile operators lose revenue and remain vulnerable.

MNO weak spots

Substantial revenue losses are due to:

  • P2P SMS traffic exchanged free of charge
  • A2P SMS traffic terminated over free of charge P2P roaming agreements
  • A2P SMS traffic terminated over free of charge national P2P agreements and low priced national aggregator/content provider A2P agreements
  • A2P SMS traffic terminated over free of charge agreements with global enterprises (OTTs)
  • A2P SMS traffic terminated through SIM farms

Increased capital and operational expenditures for increased traffic volumes with no additional revenue.

As evident from the graph, unauthorized traffic inflates the messaging volumes and overloads the network. In fact, this grey-route traffic brings no additional value, while increasing capital and operational expenditures, literally causing the operators to lose revenue. Because of how intertwined the schemes of revenue denial in P2P and A2P are, it takes a deep understanding of the messaging industry and experience with both A2P and P2P to fix the problem effectively and in its entirety.

GMS offers a turn-key, versatile, high-quality monetization solution fixing the situation in all its complexity, which we tailor to your unique goals and issues.

Stages of GMS Monetization solution implementation

Full market

Market research & network diagnosis.
Development of Monetization solution


International traffic
Monetization launch

Traffic and
revenue increase

Stage 1: Market research & network diagnosis

GMS analyzes the network performance, identifies each source of revenue loss, and conducts a thorough market research and network diagnostics.

This stage includes the following steps:

  • Comprehensive analysis of originators of inbound SMS traffic
  • Comprehensive analysis of regulatory environment
  • Comprehensive analysis of the operator’s SMS contractual relationship
  • Identification of international and national SMS partners
  • Examination of technical conditions with existing international and national partners
  • Survey of the operator’s network
  • Testing of the existing operator’s Firewall solution (if any)
  • Identification of grey routes for the unauthorized traffic
  • Analysis of current volume & revenues of international and national A2P/P2P/P2A traffic
  • Designing the business case using world’s best practices to maximize messaging business

According to market researches, less than 25% of operators have taken such basic precautions as deploying a firewall to protect their networks. Firewall is not just an element in the chain of Monetization solution;

It is a must-have for those operators who want to avoid other shortcomings caused by the presence of illegitimate traffic, such as:

  • SMS fraud and spam
  • Low delivery rates
  • Leading to poor customer experience
  • Decreased subscriber and partner loyalty
  • Reputational damage: customer complaints and subscriber churn
  • Unpaid traffic inflates the network: overloads cause performance degradation
  • CAPEX and OPEX are increased

It is important to understand, however, that Firewall alone does not put the operator in complete control of the network. It takes profound expertise to maintain everyday control, testing, monitoring, rules updating, etc. At GMS we rely on over 12 years of experience in the industry to develop a complex solution that fits your specific needs, taking into account both A2P and P2P messaging routes.

Learn more about GMS Firewall solution

GMS Firewall is a powerful, rules-based system which is highly configurable and can target specific message types to remove known threats. It also uses intelligent algorithms to classify messages as spam based on unusual patterns of submission or content. Having this tool gives the MNO an opportunity to categorize its international A2P traffic and see who the TOP traffic sender is, trends, stats and more.

The functionality provided by the Firewall has accumulated experience in dealing with real fraudulent behaviors in the region.
Firewall can also underpin revenue assurance initiatives to block grey routes and to maximize messaging revenues. The platform stops fraudulent messages that are impossible to bill, ensuring that network bandwidth is enough for revenue generating traffic coming via authorized routes.
Firewall also ensures that local content providers cannot bypass international A2P traffic (domestic routes are often used for cheaper traffic termination).

Firewall solution is deployed on Linux based platforms. The solution is fully scalable and could be placed on classic turnkey hardware & software package, as well as deployed into a Virtual Environment.

Stage 2: International traffic monetization launch

Now we can make it transparent to the operator, and calculate the potential revenue increases from deploying a monetization solution. After main issues are identified, and expected results are made clear to you, with your permission International traffic monetization is launched. Chaos is turned into order.

First, the continued growth of messaging volumes and revenues is ensured with a step-by-step А2Р rate increase, new and revised commercial models aimed at traffic and revenue growth, and analysis of similar markets revealing new possibilities to grow your business.

Then, the Firewall deployment or reconfiguring is followed by ongoing testing of international services and grey routes blocking. Traffic control and analysis are maintained daily, and tests are performed to consistently reveal remaining illegitimate routes for international A2P/P2P/P2A traffic termination. Based on findings, regular detailed reports are submitted, along with constantly updated technical solutions targeting every revealed bypass schemes.

Stage 3: Result

With GMS monetization, the operator reaps the benefits:

  • Chaos is no more: all messaging types are managed by a one-stop shop
  • SMS traffic is fully transparent to the operator, ensuring maximum monetization
  • A2P, P2P and P2A fraud is restricted
  • Delivery quality is ensured
  • Greater customer satisfaction reduces churn
  • Capital and operational expenditures are reduced
  • Hub-based service ensures timely payments in foreign currency

At GMS, our goal is to bring progress to our partners, and monetization is one way of effectively assuring prosperity and continued growth of the operators. With monetization deployed, you find order where chaos used to be, and the traffic which used to cost you turned into a source of revenue. With unauthorized traffic denied access, part of that volume will go through legitimate operator-approved channels increasing profits, and the rest, including fraudulent messaging, will no longer put pressure on the network and affect subscriber loyalty. We strive to achieve this result: from successfully deploying the solution itself to providing training for your staff.

Use cases

Geocell Georgia

Restricting spam and illegitimate traffic provided full visibility of the messaging volumes. Capital and operational costs reduction, combined with maximized A2P and P2P traffic monetization allowed the profits from messaging to increase by up to 2400% of incremental revenue growth.

ArmenTel Armenia

Operational costs were reduced. International P2P traffic became fully secured and transparent. Local A2P links were taken under control to enable maximum monetization of international A2P SMS traffic.

Azercell Azerbaijan

International A2P and P2P traffic became protected and fully monetized. SMS business grew due to new types of traffic attracted to the now secured network.


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