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Data privacy, hitherto a term which the general public as well as lawmakers and policy makers in Europe did not really pay a lot of attention to, has come to the fore of late, mainly due to the several high-profile breaches in recent months. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on 25 May, will be the biggest shake-up to data privacy in 20 years. The recent Facebook incident has acted as a wake-up call for people, making them realise that their personal data is extremely valuable for others and not just for themselves.

Lawmakers believe that the GDPR is in line for the modern digital age. The many changes including mandatory reporting rather than “good practice”, significantly higher fines etc. are intended to act as deterrents. What the GDPR is attempting to do is give back ownership of the data to the data subject, which will mean that anyone wanting to use that data will then need explicit consent of the data subject. Companies, big and small, have been preparing for GDPR since a while. Even then, controversies are bound to arise and it could well be anticipated that there will be uncertainty and confusion during the initial phase.

GMS’ Chief Legal Officer, Damian Bethke, addresses several insightful questions and shares his foreknowledge on GDPR.

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