GMS presents a new service: Big Data messaging

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Browsing history, online purchases, and social media likes – all this accumulated data becomes a real treasure for a skillful marketer. Using so-called big data for marketing purposes allows you to address customer needs more efficiently, conducting marketing messages relevant for a specific recipient.

According to International Data Corporation, the CAGR of the big data market’s targeted marketing segment is expected to reach US$2.3 bil. by the end of 2019, and US$1.6 bil. – by the end of 2020.

Planning a marketing campaign based on big data has a significant benefit: you don’t need to guess. With big data, it is possible to segment your audience by specific attributes, such as consumer behavior, preferences, or personal income. For instance, using big data, marketers can figure out that women are more likely to use discount coupons or participate in promos and rewards programs. With this knowledge, they can shape their marketing communication to address the needs of this specific group of consumers.

Understanding the relevance of big data for catering to preferences of specific customer segments, Global Message Services decided to launch a new service: Big Data Messaging. This is a high-precision SMS campaign service, based on analysis of mobile operator’s subscribers’ behavior, their interests and location.

GMS' Big Data Mobile Advertising | Improved targeting for mobile marketing

The wide array of criteria allows marketers to segment the audience efficiently while creating their recipient lists. With Big Data Messaging targeting criteria might include car ownership, customer’s mobile phone price and model, applications used, banking activities, and many more. These criteria complement more traditional ones like age and gender and make the targeting significantly more precise.

Big Data messaging special features:

  • Targeting precision up to 80%
  • Using the contacts of subscribers showing activity in the current month
  • The campaign might cover all contacts in the mobile operator’s database, excluding non-residents
  • Utilizing your unique Alphanumeric ID
  • Up to 500 Latin/Cyrillic symbols
  • Targeting by a specific location can be limited to a particular district, street or other areas of a choice

To convey your marketing communication to an audience of your choice using Big Data Messaging, you just have to fill in the request form, choosing the segmentation criteria. GMS will take care of the rest and come back to you with a detailed report on the campaign results.

Contact our experts and learn how you can individualize your marketing campaigns with Big Data messaging by GMS today.

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