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Mobile Network Operators (MNOs): How to Gain Control and Maximize A2P Messaging Profits with SMS Firewall Management

With revenue leakage to grey routes costing the A2P messaging industry $5.76 billion in 2018 according to Mobilesquared, more and more Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are deploying SMS Firewall solutions.

How to Bring Back Lost Clients using Viber

Last year, Viber became the most popular messenger application among Ukrainian users. According to Google, this messenger is installed on 97% smartphones. Viber channel is wide open for businesses looking to reach their customers and boost sales. GMS Enterprise Relations Unit Manager shared insights from the COMFY (electronics retailer) and MAXICARD (loyalty program).

Welcome, Victor Andreu! 3 questions to GMS Chief Information Security Officer

“The weakest point determines the overall security. That’s why no asset slips through our radar,” – Victor Andreu, Chief Information Security Officer at GMS

GMS presented successful cases of multi-channel marketing on the E-shop forum

GMS, an international messaging services company, took part in the E-shop forum organized by the Retailers portal as a part of the awards ceremony for the “Most Convenient Online Store in Ukraine” contest.

How to secure your system with two-factor authentication (2FA)

What is 2FA and how to secure your system via two-factor authentication with Global Message Services GMS 2FA services.

Holiday Marketing: 9 tips to boost sales

Multichannel marketing tips to boost your holiday retail and online shopping sales with GMS: SMS, email, and Viber services.

RCS Business Messaging: a Buzzword or a Real Opportunity?

Rich Communications Services (RCS) is growing exponentially. Industry experts predict 1.05 bn consumers being exposed to RCS Business Messaging by 2019. Learn what RCS is and how businesses can use it for their own good.

Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Hubbing on Operators

Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at GMS, explains the rationale behind the rise of corporate messaging hubs, the challenges they face, and the implications it has for mobile operators, OTTs, and messaging industry as a whole.

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