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Marketing to millennials

Millennials are a unique segment. A segment on whom traditional marketing methods do not really work. So how does one grab the attention of this important segment, in a world of short attention spans?

Short codes: simple and quick way to engage your audience

Volodymyr Khalaburskyi, Services & Projects Support Manager at GMS, gives us the lowdown on short codes: what it is and how to use for your business.

Challenges presented by mobile marketing trends

While it is vital and important for marketers to stay abreast of trends, they do present a host of challenges as well. Read about some of the most significant ones, according to our experts.

Human assistant vs Chatbot: battle for time and money

Chatbots in retail can save you time and money. Learn about benefits and uses of bots for e-commerce and retail business.

Threats to A2P SMS business

With the opportunities for A2P becoming very clear, developing this is a high priority. Learn about three most significant threats to the A2P SMS business.

Future of mobile marketing

Find out more about the current and future trends in mobile marketing.

The outlook for SMS messaging

Read all about what GMS expert, Robert Rose, has to say about the past, present and future of Messaging.

GMS and Viber joint event

On May 31, GMS and Viber held a joint event in Kiev, Ukraine. Attended by around 60 marketers representing top Ukrainian companies, the event gave an insight into the ways Viber can benefit businesses. GMS and Viber showed participants how and why it makes sense to use Viber to optimize the efficiency of communication with a business’ target audience.

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