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Why one should create a branded sticker pack in Viber

It’s no secret that customer engagement is becoming more and more challenging. The marketer is competing for every second of customer attention. This means that brands need to always be on the lookout for new channels to make sure they remain in the customer’s mind. Let’s talk about one such tool – Viber stickers.

Mobile Operators: How to fully monetize your A2P SMS traffic and maximize revenue potential

Mobile network operators’ (MNOs) business rests on three pillars: data, voice, and SMS. The last one often becomes an operator’s poor cousin — left out of focus and low on the priority list. Which is rather strange, considering the fast pace of the global A2P SMS messaging market growth: from $11.86 billion in 2017 to $26.61 billion in 2022, according to Mobilesquared’s forecast.

Multichannel marketing: understanding your key mobile channels

We are all living in a multichannel world. It’s the new norm. So rooted is it in our everyday experience that we navigate these channels, continually jumping from one to the other, without a second thought.

RCS For Mobile Operators: Increasing Revenue through Exploiting new Technologies

The possibilities and reach of Rich Communications Services are growing. RCS allows enterprises and mobile operators to reach customers in new ways, without 3rd party apps. We look at the challenges and opportunities this presents international mobile operators.

Mobile Operators: How to gain control and maximize A2P messaging profits with SMS firewall management

With revenue leakage to grey routes costing the A2P messaging industry $5.76 billion in 2018 according to Mobilesquared, more and more Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are deploying SMS Firewall solutions.

How to Bring Back Lost Clients using Viber

Last year, Viber became the most popular messenger application among Ukrainian users. According to Google, this messenger is installed on 97% smartphones. Viber channel is wide open for businesses looking to reach their customers and boost sales. GMS Enterprise Relations Unit Manager shared insights from the COMFY (electronics retailer) and MAXICARD (loyalty program).

Welcome, Victor Andreu! 3 questions to GMS Chief Information Security Officer

“The weakest point determines the overall security. That’s why no asset slips through our radar,” – Victor Andreu, Chief Information Security Officer at GMS

GMS presented successful cases of multi-channel marketing on the E-shop forum

GMS, an international messaging services company, took part in the E-shop forum organized by the Retailers portal as a part of the awards ceremony for the “Most Convenient Online Store in Ukraine” contest.

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