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Future of mobile marketing

Find out more about the current and future trends in mobile marketing.

The outlook for SMS messaging

Read all about what GMS expert, Robert Rose, has to say about the past, present and future of Messaging.

GMS and Viber Joint Event

On May 31, GMS and Viber held a joint event in Kiev, Ukraine. Attended by around 60 marketers representing top Ukrainian companies, the event gave an insight into the ways Viber can benefit businesses. GMS and Viber showed participants how and why it makes sense to use Viber to optimize the efficiency of communication with a business’ target audience.

Why Viber considers itself to be the most secure messaging app around

We live in insecure times. News of major data breaches which recently became public have users scared and worried about the situation. Viber’s true end-to-end encryption ensures that it cannot and does not listen in on your conversations

Emerging Trends in A2P Messaging

There was a time when the only way to send a message to a wide audience cheaply and quickly was via SMS. However, sending these messages to contacts in different countries was rather expensive.

The buzzword Monetization and what it means to MNOs

Monetization is the buzz term in the messaging industry and has been so for a while. Regional Director MEA, Amer Siraj talks about the search for new revenue models and the need to reverse the declining revenue trends as the biggest challenge currently faced by the industry.

GMS expert on how to protect SMS revenue

GMS expert Salman Nayyar, Regional Director, South-West Asia, discusses how MNOs can monetize traffic in a world of ever-increasing OTT apps. A crucial takeaway? “It’s not the firewall that is important. It’s all about how you use it.”

GMS Legal Expert on GDPR

Lawmakers believe that the GDPR is in line for the modern digital age. The many changes including mandatory reporting rather than “good practice”, significantly higher fines etc.

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