Viber introduces unified Business Accounts

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Improving the end-user experience and refining Viber for Business products are two main priorities for our friends at Rakuten Viber. And we are happy to announce that they have nailed both aspects once again by introducing unified two-way Business Accounts. 

As for now, Viber offers two different Business Account types: 1- and 2-way, without the possibility to easily upgrade from one type to another. As a result, users may be switching between different conversations with the same brand, potentially confusing both brands and consumers. 

The upcoming update is going to change that. Starting October 11, all existing Viber Business Accounts will support the two-way communication capabilities. 

Why is this update important?

Benefits for users Benefits for brands
A single unified channel to receive messages from brands Opportunity to communicate with their consumers under a unique thread and decide whether they would like to receive replies from the end-users
All messages are exchanged within a single thread, allowing users to browse their message history easily Brands will be able to keep sending promotional and transactional messages without switching between channels
More streamlined communication with the brand Both transactional and promotional messages will be charged the same way they are today

Auto-reply Feature

Once the update is deployed, all the communication between users and brands will become bilateral. For brands that prefer not to receive users’ messages, Viber will trigger an auto-reply each time the user tries contacting the brand. If you wish to enable/disable the auto-reply function, please get in touch with your GMS manager.

What about the transactional message templates?

Unified Viber Business Accounts can still send transactional messages, which means it is still necessary to approve message templates with Viber.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming Viber update, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

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