Welcome, Victor Andreu! 3 questions to GMS Chief Information Security Officer

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“The weakest point determines the overall security. That’s why no asset slips through our radar,” – Victor Andreu, Chief Information Security Officer at GMS

We are happy to introduce “The Watchful Keeper of Confidentiality, Reliability and Stability”, Victor Andreu — New Chief Information Security Officer at GMS.
We asked Victor a few basic questions about information security.

– What are the distinctive features of information security in the telecom business?

An inherent feature of the telecom industry is that there is much more data in transit compared to other businesses and a special focus on securing it. Furthermore, an additional component which is very specific to our business is protecting our clients from illegitimate and fraudulent, so-called grey-route, traffic.

– What measures do you use to protect critical assets?

Undoubtedly it is the weakest point that determines the overall security. Our approach is to take into consideration all assets whether critical or otherwise, so that no asset slips through our radar.

Our most critical assets are assessed from all angles and while the security measures put in place might seem redundant, they are vital to guard against different threats and their variations. In general, we consider the following:

  • securing the perimeter that can be used to access the asset;
  • ensuring that access of internal employees is monitored and restricted to the minimum;
  • keeping the asset only as long as required;
  • ensuring that the environment where the asset sits is always up to date;
  • monitoring the key events within the critical asset environment;
  • protecting the asset itself by means such as encryption;
  • designing the assets to ensure high availability and an architecture that is as resilient to breaching as possible.

It is certainly worth mentioning here that Global Message Services (GMS) has internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 for information security.

– What does it mean to be ISO certified?

ISO certificates prove that Global Message Services, as a leading messaging provider, follows internationally recognized practices to protect clients’ interests, to keep its operations efficient, and to excel in quality of services provided.

The trust our clients place in us is of immense importance and leads us to ensure that we follow the highest security standards.

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