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GMS is the one-stop shop for mobile operators: with our broad global coverage and strong expertise in messaging, we provide various types of solutions to cater for your every need.

What we offer

Relying on over 11 years of messaging expertise GMS can help to increase operator’s revenues and establish control over their traffic through designing custom-made solutions tailored to each operator`s needs. GMS is the largest GSMA Compliant SMS Hub Provider in the CIS with coverage of 100% (A2P and P2P) in this region. Our global network includes over 900 operators across 200 countries, and over 200 operators connected directly to GMS. Choosing GMS, you choose progress.

Messaging services

Drawing upon 11 years of experience in the messaging industry, GMS relentlessly analyses the trends to see the bigger picture of the industry. The telecommunications universe is changing at a fast pace, and we seek out the most promising business opportunities among emerging trends. Despite the decline in P2P traffic taken over by OTT messengers, SMS remains a key channel and is still growing significantly, driven by the surge experienced by A2P. When used together with P2A, A2P becomes even more powerful, creating 2-way communication channel. The growth trend is reflected by industry forecasts expecting a compound annual market growth rate of 36%. The A2P SMS market is currently estimated to be worth $70.32 Billion USD by 2020. And we know exactly how to make the best of it.

Monetization solution

According to Juniper Research, over 50% of Mobile Operators do not have full control of the volumes of their international messaging traffic which results in around 65% of all A2P SMS traffic terminating through grey routes. This traffic overloads the networks of MNO’s and takes a toll on the end customer’s experience which, in turn, threatens the MNO’s reputation. Ultimately, the chaotic downpour of unmonetized traffic causes operators to lose significant revenue. GMS turns chaos into order. We help our clients block grey routes securing the network for legitimate traffic only, and to increase revenues. In 2017 GMS’ monetization solutions have been ranked at a high score of 4.27/5 by Rocco Research.


GMS is a global company with strong expertise in messaging services. Pioneers in both A2P and P2P monetization, we are a global messaging leader. By helping you discover your potential we are constantly expanding and improving our network.

200 countries
900 operators connected
200 connected directly

Over the years we have built up a strong network spanning 200 countries and connecting about 900 operators worldwide, 200 of which are connected directly to GMS.

We help your business move to the next level


We set and provide the highest quality and transparency standards on the market.


We deliver efficient, cutting-edge turnkey solutions in an easy and accessible way.


We develop unique, tailored solutions to fit our partners' specific business needs.


We want you to stay on top of the cutting-edge messaging technologies, that’s why GMS regularly provides educational training to share our expertise. We believe in an individual approach: every partner is offered a unique training program designed specifically for their needs and tailored to cover the topics which are relevant.

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Use Cases

Geocell Georgia: traffic monetization allowed the profits from messaging to increase by up to 2400% of the incremental revenue growth.


Establish control over traffic transparency and monetize the SMS channel, stop huge rates of A2P traffic termination through grey routes.


Firewall was deployed, managed, and regularly updated, allowing to identify and block the illegitimate traffic algorithms. Remote management of international SMS business was established. Smart pricing policy grounded in market trends was implemented.


Restricting spam and illegitimate traffic provided full visibility of the messaging volumes. Capital and operational costs reduction, combined with maximized A2P and P2P traffic monetization allowed the profits from messaging to increase by up to 2400% of incremental revenue growth.

ArmenTel Armenia: Monetization of international A2P SMS allowed for incremental revenue growth of 946%.


Apply "smart" pricing policy and secure the network to prevent revenue losses and increase profits. Take control of international A2P traffic previously terminated entirely through grey routes.


Network testing and monitoring combined with a flexible Firewall solution allowed to detect and block of grey routes. International P2P traffic was migrated to the GMS HUB. Contracts with local A2P aggregators and roaming partners were revised. A more efficient pricing policy was implemented.


Operational costs were reduced. International P2P traffic became fully secured and transparent. Local A2P links were taken under control to enable maximum monetization of international A2P SMS traffic. Subscribers' security was improved by restricting international traffic termination exclusively through monetized channels with original Sender IDs and content. Monetization of international A2P SMS allowed for incremental revenue growth of 946%.

Azercell Azerbaijan: A2P traffic monetization allowed incremental revenue to grow by more than 700%.


Gain visibility in the international A2P traffic, prevent revenue losses due to traffic termination via grey routes.


Proactive network monitoring and tests enabled the operator to detect and block grey route traffic. International P2P traffic was migrated to GMS HUB which allowed to keep the network secure at all times, and new types of traffic were attracted after negotiations with the international market. Contracts with local A2P aggregators were revised.


International A2P and P2P traffic became protected and fully monetized. SMS business grew due to new types of traffic attracted to the now secured network. Reduction of operational costs and transparency of international P2P traffic exchange, combined with a 100% A2P traffic monetization allowed incremental revenue to grow by more than 700%.

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