Industry outlook: A2P messaging market worth $72.8 billion by 2025

Over the next few years, certain markets and industry verticals will play a major role in the growth of the telecoms industry – driving traffic growth that will need careful management. Read more in our article

SMS in 2020 – the A2P market and the year so far

GMS shares its insights into how A2P messaging has developed in 2020, when it has shown exceptional resiliance.

Maximising the potential of your mobile network, part 1: start close to home

MNOs often think they are getting the maximum potential out of their network, but in fact there are several factors to consider, which all interconnect…

How should mobile operators price A2P messaging traffic?

For MNOs, pricing A2P messaging traffic can often be a mix of art and science. GMS breaks down the elements to consider.

SS7 or SMPP? Sometimes the right protocol can make all the difference

In our world of telecommunications, there are many protocols for connections and interworking from which to choose. Most operators will use a mix, but without a clear strategy for when to use each option.

GMS grows its market coverage in Nepal

GMS has launched P2A, A2P, and P2P direct hubbing for Smart Telecom Nepal. With this deal, GMS has covered a total of 56% of the Nepali market.

A2P SMS messaging: past to present

Learn the origins of A2P (Application-to-Person) Messaging. From SMS, Mobile Apps to Push notifications, with GMS Global Message Services.

GMS partners with UAE’s du to secure du’s network and manage its inbound international A2P SMS traffic

Global Message Services (GMS) is delighted to announce the start of an official partnership with du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), a top mobile network operator in the UAE.

MNOs: Securing your mobile network starts with understanding your network ecosystem

In order to successfully secure their networks, MNOs should first conduct market research and understand their network ecosystem. Find out why and how to get started.

4 grey routes for A2P traffic termination mobile operators should know about

Lytvynov Dmytro, Project Manager at GMS, shares the most common types of grey-route traffic termination mobile network operators should be aware of.

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