8 things enterprises need to know about mobile notifications


Mobile notifications are an essential part of the digital world. Find out the 8 things enterprises need to know to engage their customers better with GMS.

Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Hubbing on Operators


Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at GMS, explains the rationale behind the rise of corporate messaging hubs, the challenges they face, and the implications it has for mobile operators, OTTs, and messaging industry as a whole.

The outlook for SMS messaging


Read all about what GMS expert, Robert Rose, has to say about the past, present and future of Messaging.

Emerging Trends in A2P Messaging


The messaging market has evolved in various ways. Emerging trends are reason enough for companies to rethink their mass-communication strategies.

Global A2P SMS Market Size to Reach $70 billion by 2020


According to the report, global A2P SMS market was valued at around USD 55 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 70 billion in 2020.

SMS Marketing: Dos and Don’ts


More than 90 percent of all text messages are opened and read within five minutes or less. And tons of small-business owners are ready to write their SMS success stories.

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