How SMS can power your multichannel marketing strategy

SMS messaging has many benefits and can take your marketing strategy to the next level when combined with other channels.

Valentine’s Day: 7 tips to boost your mobile marketing campaign

Valentines’ Day is without a doubt a seasonal marketing staple, helping generate enormous revenues. GMS has prepared a list of tips and tricks every brand could benefit from this February

Mobile marketing trends for 2021

As the trends of the past years turn into best practices, GMS has come up with suggestions for the upcoming year. Learn how to strengthen your mobile marketing strategy for 2021 in our new article:

How COVID-19 Affects Holiday Marketing

GMS offers insights into how to tailor your seasonal marketing communications to the challenges your customers face in the midst of a global pandemic.

Marina Petrova on understanding what your clients really want

Is all Big Data equally trustworthy? Marina Petrova explains how you can avoid the confusion when navigating the client insights.

Vine, Snapchat, TikTok: how short form videos became an important content format

GMS investigates how the short videos became one of the modern marketing staples

12 tips on marketing to different generations

Everyone knows that each generation is different from both the previous one and the one to follow. For marketers, understanding the difference between generations is necessary so that they can develop effective marketing campaigns…

8 Key Mobile Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2020

More than half of global Internet traffic in 2019 came from mobile devices, and brands need to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. Explore 8 of our favorite mobile marketing trends and practical recommendations for 2020.

Why chat and messaging apps are a crucial customer engagement tool for multichannel marketing

Marketing means reaching customers in the places they choose to spend their time. In the modern world that means the digital venues they visit online…

3 mobile marketing trends for 2019

Users are spending less time with media, with one major exception – smartphones. Read about mobile marketing trends for the coming year.

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