Retail Focus: Top SMS marketing strategies for Mcommerce

SMS is a powerful and invaluable tool for retail Mcommerce. Here are 5 SMS marketing strategies you can apply to your business to start seeing results today.

When the time is ripe: How to schedule your mobile marketing campaign

Delivering your message to consumers when they need it the most is what defines a mobile marketing campaign’s success. Read about the best industry-specific practices and general scheduling tips in our blog:

Valentine’s Day: 7 tips to boost your mobile marketing campaign

Valentines’ Day is without a doubt a seasonal marketing staple, helping generate enormous revenues. GMS has prepared a list of tips and tricks every brand could benefit from this February

Mobile marketing trends for 2021

As the trends of the past years turn into best practices, GMS has come up with suggestions for the upcoming year. Learn how to strengthen your mobile marketing strategy for 2021 in our new article:

12 tips on marketing to different generations

Everyone knows that each generation is different from both the previous one and the one to follow. For marketers, understanding the difference between generations is necessary so that they can develop effective marketing campaigns…

Top 20 takeaways from the first Mobile Marketing Forum by GMS, that will drastically change your 2020 marketing strategy

Top 20 takeaways from the first Mobile Marketing Forum by GMS, that will drastically change your 2020 marketing strategy…

Will 5G change the interactive marketing experience?

Of all the new telecoms technologies currently being talked about, 5G is probably the one most ordinary people know and talk about.

Future of mobile marketing

Find out more about the current and future trends in mobile marketing.

SMS Marketing: Dos and Don’ts

More than 90 percent of all text messages are opened and read within five minutes or less. And tons of small-business owners are ready to write their SMS success stories.

Revolutionize Your Business with Chatbots

Chatbots are intelligent machines capable of responding instantly, with the courtesy and professionalism you would expect from your top sales rep, whenever the customer wants.

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