Where do we go from here? – 2021 telco trends


GMS looks at some of the trends emerging in the telecoms market in 2021. We consider IoT and the role of 5G, revenue diversification, digitalisation and more.

Understanding your potential: why message profiles matter


An International Services Database is an essential tool in monetising a mobile network and growing operator revenues. It is an essential guide to SMS traffic.

Maximising the potential of your network, part 3: prepare the best defence


To realise the maximum potential of their network MNOs must do more than deploy a firewall: they must also properly optimise it.

Maximising the potential of your mobile network, part 2: survey the market


MNOs looking to get maximum potential out of their network need to critically assess the market conditions in which they find themselves.

Maximising the potential of your mobile network, part 1: start close to home


MNOs often think they are getting the maximum potential out of their network, but in fact there are several factors to consider, which all interconnect…

Creating clarity — the importance of network testing


To fully understand the threats and opportunities facing their messaging business, mobile operators need an exhaustive testing regimen to explore their network…

Increasing revenue during uncertain times


The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing quarantine and lockdown, is resulting in uncertainty for many companies. Mobile operators…

SS7 or SMPP? Sometimes the right protocol can make all the difference


In our world of telecommunications, there are many protocols for connections and interworking from which to choose. Most operators will use a mix, but without a clear strategy for when to use each option.

Going viral: How to address the threat of SMS malware


We are increasingly seeing MNOs asking us if and how we can help them combat fraud and protect their subscribers against this particular threat. Fortunately, with the right tools and team, doing so can be comparatively straightforward.

Why we need to go beyond firewalls to optimise mobile networks


Mobile operators cannot rely on a firewall alone to protect networks. GMS explains how an active managed service differs.

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