Subscriber data, routing integrity, and the health of SMS

Find out how an awareness of data protection and regulation can help solidify your A2P business strategy, as we examine the intersection between data and dependability.

Maximising the potential of your network, part 3: prepare the best defence

To realise the maximum potential of their network MNOs must do more than deploy a firewall: they must also properly optimise it.

Maximising the potential of your mobile network, part 2: survey the market

MNOs looking to get maximum potential out of their network need to critically assess the market conditions in which they find themselves.

How should mobile operators price A2P messaging traffic?

For MNOs, pricing A2P messaging traffic can often be a mix of art and science. GMS breaks down the elements to consider.

Going viral: How to address the threat of SMS malware

We are increasingly seeing MNOs asking us if and how we can help them combat fraud and protect their subscribers against this particular threat. Fortunately, with the right tools and team, doing so can be comparatively straightforward.

Why we need to go beyond firewalls to optimise mobile networks

Mobile operators cannot rely on a firewall alone to protect networks. GMS explains how an active managed service differs.

GMS grows its market coverage in Nepal

GMS has launched P2A, A2P, and P2P direct hubbing for Smart Telecom Nepal. With this deal, GMS has covered a total of 56% of the Nepali market.

GMS partners with UAE’s du to secure du’s network and manage its inbound international A2P SMS traffic

Global Message Services (GMS) is delighted to announce the start of an official partnership with du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), a top mobile network operator in the UAE.

MNOs: Securing your mobile network starts with understanding your network ecosystem

In order to successfully secure their networks, MNOs should first conduct market research and understand their network ecosystem. Find out why and how to get started.

Mobile in 2019: The Year Ahead for Network Operators: A GSMA report summary

What challenges and opportunities will face the world of mobile in 2019? Read the GSMA report summary by GMS and learn more.

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