How to tackle shopping cart abandonment

Know the benefits of all communication channels for dealing with the abandoned carts as there is no need to dwell on just one. You can combine different solutions and add fallback channels to your communication chain – only a multichannel strategy will be truly effective.

How SMS can power your multichannel marketing strategy

SMS messaging has many benefits and can take your marketing strategy to the next level when combined with other channels.

Why chat and messaging apps are a crucial customer engagement tool for multichannel marketing

Marketing means reaching customers in the places they choose to spend their time. In the modern world that means the digital venues they visit online…

How multichannel engagement can help reduce churn in banking

One of the hardest problems for a bank to address is churn, the failure to retain new customers. In banking, some new customers don’t even make it past the first 90 days….

Multichannel marketing: understanding your key mobile channels

The smartest and most successful marketers are replacing the ways of old with a cross-channel approach that primarily focuses on key mobile channels.

GMS presented successful cases of multichannel marketing at the E-shop forum

GMS, an international messaging services company, took part in the E-shop forum organized by the Retailers portal as a part of the awards ceremony for the “Most Convenient Online Store in Ukraine” contest.

Holiday Marketing: 9 tips to boost sales

Multichannel marketing tips to boost your holiday retail and online shopping sales with GMS: SMS, email, and Viber services.

RCS Business Messaging: a Buzzword or a Real Opportunity?

RCS is already growing exponentially. Learn what RCS is and how businesses can use it for their own good.

Multichannel marketing: multiple routes to brand success

Today humans happily co-exist with multiple devices, platforms, and apps. The clever marketer adapts to change and embraces the opportunity of multichannel marketing.

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