10 tricks to get the most out of your push notifications


GMS shares best practices that will help you drive customer engagement, sales and retention through push notifications.

How to tackle shopping cart abandonment


Know the benefits of all communication channels for dealing with the abandoned carts as there is no need to dwell on just one. You can combine different solutions and add fallback channels to your communication chain – only a multichannel strategy will be truly effective.

What do push notifications bring to multichannel marketing?


We live in a mobile world: over 30% of the world’s population uses a smartphone, and we carry them with us every day. It is hardly surprising, then, that companies see mobile as a key marketing and service platform…

A2P SMS messaging: past to present


Learn the origins of A2P (Application-to-Person) Messaging. From SMS, Mobile Apps to Push notifications, with GMS Global Message Services.

8 things enterprises need to know about mobile notifications


Mobile notifications are an essential part of the digital world. Find out the 8 things enterprises need to know to engage their customers better with GMS.

Multichannel marketing: understanding your key mobile channels


The smartest and most successful marketers are replacing the ways of old with a cross-channel approach that primarily focuses on key mobile channels.

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