The Road to RCS

Read about the latest developments in RCS. Interconnect, 5G, and competing services are all making it more important than ever to explore and deploy this operator-based messaging channel.

The anatomy of an RCS message

Rich Communication Services is more than just the sum of its parts. Here GMS looks at what makes RCS messages unique and what they can do.

Revolutionizing your customer experience with RCS: deeper interactions and data

Rich Communication Services – the next-generation, media-enabled successor to SMS – is set to expand its coverage through 2020 and beyond, with 237 operators expected to have an active RCS service by the end of the year.

RCS Business Messaging and the new era of mobile marketing

Our world is increasingly digital and mobile. An estimated 5.1bn people own a mobile, and sophisticated smartphones account for 60% of these mobile connections. By 2025 this share will increase to 79% …

A2P SMS messaging: challenges and opportunities

GMS explores the challenges and opportunities that are driving A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging and how MNOs and Enterprises can benefit from it.

Is 2019 the Year of RCS (Rich Communication Services)?

Rich Communication Services have been “just around the corner” now for almost a decade. Will 2019 be the year RCS finally becomes a viable, mainstream messaging channel?

Emerging Trends in A2P Messaging

The messaging market has evolved in various ways. Emerging trends are reason enough for companies to rethink their mass-communication strategies.

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