How Can CPaaS Drive Customer Engagement

CPaaS is beneficial for marketers for driving customer engagement. We’ve got five examples of how you can use CPaaS to drive engagement for your business

Viber Business Messages by GMS: New tools and features!

Viber Business Messages is a robust and versatile communication channel that can help you reach out to your audience via their preferred messaging app. We are delighted to announce two new features, that will help you further enhance your communications.

When the time is ripe: How to schedule your mobile marketing campaign

Delivering your message to consumers when they need it the most is what defines a mobile marketing campaign’s success. Read about the best industry-specific practices and general scheduling tips in our blog:

How to tackle shopping cart abandonment

Know the benefits of all communication channels for dealing with the abandoned carts as there is no need to dwell on just one. You can combine different solutions and add fallback channels to your communication chain – only a multichannel strategy will be truly effective.

Enhance your customer journey with Viber

Online shopping has become de rigueur during the pandemic, and brands that are able to accompany their customers through every step of the buyer journey are more likely gain their loyalty and continued patronage…

How to set up a Viber business account with GMS

A verified Viber business account is a vital tool that allows your brand to be more recognised by communicating via an official channel.

GMS Product Updates: new features for Viber, WhatsApp, and Hyber Platform

What updates have Viber added to the business profile of companies? What changes to the Hyber platform will further enhance your communications with customers? What is the official WhatsApp business profile and why should you pay attention to it? In this article, we talk about these useful updates to GMS products.

How are brands successfully communicating during quarantine?

We sincerely rejoice when GMS products help our customers keep in touch with their clients. And in this material, we want to share the stories and practical experience of three companies that have been able to successfully adapt their strategies during the enforced quarantine.

Viber messaging 101: customer communication and engagement

How do you know which Viber service to use for your brand? How is Viber Advertising different from Viber Business Messaging? GMS explains differences in between Viber tools…

Secure your mobile marketing communications with Viber Business Messages

Since its inception Viber Business Messages has provided transactional and promotional messaging with complete discretion.

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