GMS is the single point of access for messaging traffic exchange with mobile operators and enterprises worldwide

GMS has been active in the international messaging market for over 15 years. Partnered with 900 mobile operators worldwide, GMS has an extensive network of connections, which ensures safe and transparent traffic routing for mobile operators and a broad audience reach for enterprise clients.

About GMS

We are an international messaging service provider with over 15 years of operational expertise. GMS’ core values are commitment, integrity, and progress – our goal is to drive innovation and value while offering best-in-class customer service. We want your business to grow just as much as you do. To achieve this, we offer you our in-depth knowledge of the market, and bespoke, high-quality solutions perfectly tailored to fit your needs. In this context, our bold vision is to become the leader and the ambassador for trusted and transparent messaging worldwide.

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GMS Team

The GMS team is what drives our company’s success. At the helm of the company, we have some of the most knowledgeable, driven leaders from all around the world. With their extensive expertise in the industry, personal integrity, and unwavering commitment to GMS’ core values, our management team leads the company towards progress.

Board of Directors


GMS facts

GMS is your one-stop shop for worldwide communications.
Our network encompasses 900+ mobile operators, over 240 directly connected to GMS.


years of leadership in the market


mobile operators in 200 countries


mobile operators directly connected to GMS


enterprises worldwide


60 mobile operators directly connected in the CIS region


ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 9001

Information security and compliance

As a company working with information, GMS is well aware of the threats to information security, and we are committed to providing the best kind of data protection and security to our partners. With phishing, fraud, ransomware, data breaches and leaks crowding the headlines, information security is paramount. Being methodical, disciplined and alert in all business operations at all levels, staying up to date with the latest encryption and protection protocols, upholding the highest standards of transparency and security – all these efforts are mandatory for telecommunications companies today. More importantly, none of these measures done once guarantee protection, because even the most secure system will become vulnerable again unless it is constantly updated. Security is not a state, it is a process, requiring a responsible attitude and daily work. At GMS, we realize the risks and put the security of our partners’ information at the top of our list of priorities.

We do not tolerate negligence when it comes to cybersecurity and stand up to the challenge of keeping our partners’ data safe. A testament to our commitment to the global standards of quality, transparency, and security is GMS’ compliance with the industry’s highest standards for security procedures and all other business operations. Organizing and systematically maintaining all levels of our operations to consistently, year after year, pass the ISO certification process is an effort and expense that we do not neglect because the security of our partners’ data is of utmost importance to GMS. ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 testify to our commitment to security and compliance. Having an impeccable compliance history, we are the perfect partner for operators looking to work with only those suppliers who can abide by the highest security and compliance standards and guarantee data protection.

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