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OKKO PAY by Fishka

Using Viber Business Messages by GMS as one of the main communication channels to quickly draw attention to the possibilities and benefits OKKO PAY provides.

Mironivsky Hliboproduct

The SMS short code service by GMS allowed MHP to halve the costs of registering the Nasha Ryaba loyalty program participants.


MAXICARD faced a challenging task: to win back “lost clients.” With the help of GMS, they managed to retrieve 3.48% of customers who had spent over 3 million UAH in their network.


With the help of GMS, METRO’s promo campaign conversion rate doubled. Foot traffic to stores increased by 10% as a result of their “Open Doors” campaign.


A combination of Viber and SMS messaging was used to improve response rate by 2%


Allo’s promo campaign conversion rates and subsequent sales increased by 22%. Contacts via mobile phone (OTT messengers and SMS) proved to be most efficient and cost-effective for different types of...


AXA increased customer satisfaction using our short number service, while reducing the overall cost of customer notifications.

ArmenTel (Beeline)

Operational costs were reduced. International P2P traffic became fully secured and transparent. Local A2P links were taken under control, enabling maximum monetization of international A2P SMS traffic....


Restricting spam and illegitimate traffic provided full visibility of messaging volumes. Capital and operational costs reduction, combined with maximized A2P and P2P traffic monetization allowed the profits...


Subscriber loyalty improved due to spam reduction. Increased coverage included two-way traffic exchange with non-roaming destinations.


Thanks to properly built communication with clients via Viber and SMS, in just 3 months downloads of the UKRISBBANK app rose by 50% and usage increased by 30%.


By using Viber services via GMS as an additional channel for abandoned cart recovery, Comfy increased turnover by 10%. This is a significant figure when it comes to online sales.

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