GMS offers enterprises multichannel mobile communication solutions to enhance and personalize engagement with customers

We take your business-to-consumer communications to the next level. Reach customers via our multichannel services. Command their attention with the latest customer engagement solutions like Mobile Advertising, SMS and Voice Short Codes, and Viber Stickers. Improve and streamline your communications strategy with voice services.

Multichannel communications

GMS multichannel communication services provide an array of messaging channels, enabling companies to make contact across multiple consumer touchpoints. Multichannel marketing is the surest way to reach customers in an increasingly interconnected world. Whether you are improving customer support, looking to drive sales, or simply building engagement and customer loyalty, our solutions help build a cohesive and truly mobile marketing strategy.

SMS Messaging

Reach customers with the most secure and reliable global messaging provider

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Viber Business Messages

Engaging business messaging delivered via Viber messenger

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WhatsApp Messages

For companies who want to provide quality customer support

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RCS Messaging

Reach customers with rich, native messaging using RCS

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Push Notifications

Build the value of your app and directly reach customers

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Create email campaigns that are visually vibrant and engaging

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About our Hyber platform

GMS multichannel platform allows you to use multiple communication channels with your audience simultaneously.

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Customer engagement

GMS provides customer engagement tools to help you personalize your interactions, drive sales, and build loyalty. Today’s customer is surrounded by brands competing for their attention, meaning you need to grab their attention and stand out. Improve retention with eye-catching and memorable engagement solutions. We help build value for your enterprise with a range of services that enhance your communications, simplify marketing outreach, and improve customer satisfaction and security.

SMS Short Codes

Associate your brand with a short, easily remembered number which promotes interaction

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Viber Advertising

Deliver more visual marketing messages straight to the app at opportune moments

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Viber Stickers

An engaging and interactive way to reach an audience, stickers give your brand wide exposure

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MNP Lookup

GMS’ MNP Lookup service allows the service providers to identify the subscriber number’s network affiliation and to route the messages correctly, reducing delivery costs and taking less time to deliver the message

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Voice services

GMS voice services help enterprises simplify outreach, while humanizing communications. This goes beyond mobile and gives enterprises a complete telecoms toolset that allows you to adapt and improve as your business grows. Our voice services represent a flexible, scalable way to improve various customer support and engagement efforts.


Improve efficiency with VoIP services

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Automate engagement and improve customer service

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2FA Voice

Prevent unwanted transactions and data theft with 2FA voice

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Voice Short Codes

Associate your brand with a short number that promotes interaction

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Our network encompasses 900+ mobile operators, with over 240 directly connected to GMS, which grants instant message delivery to any place on Earth


GMS’ multichannel messaging platform grants you access to multiple communication channels, which can be used depending on your business needs

International recognition

GMS was the first SMS services provider in Ukraine and has grown to become a recognized international messaging provider

Global presence  

GMS has six offices located all over the globe, and an HQ in Baar, Switzerland, meaning wherever you are, GMS is there for you


GMS sets and follows high standards of security, recognized by ISO certifications

Success cases

More than 400 brands enhance their audience interaction with multichannel communications, voice and customer engagement tools from GMS

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