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At GMS, we immerse ourselves in your business and analyse your goals and audience. Based on the findings, we jointly design the best communications solution for your specific needs and provide our infrastructure to implement it.
GMS has been Viber`s official partner since 2015.

What we offer

Today an average consumer is spending increasingly more time on mobile screens. In 2016 the average consumer spent around 5 hours a day using a mobile device – a 20% increase compared to 2015. Every minute of those 5 hours your business could be reaching out to your customers. We want you to make the most of this opportunity, so we have designed a set of high-quality messaging solutions which can be tailored to your needs. Our solutions cover the whole communication cycle on each stage of your customer’s journey from a window shopper to a loyal brand advocate.

Whether it’s messaging services, interactives, location-based ads, chatbots, or specific software development, GMS has a wide range of tools to choose from. We’ve been in the industry for over a decade, and daily serve more than 400 enterprises delivering their messages all around the world.
Explore our services and let us enhance your communications strategy today.

Viber services

GMS has been a proud partner of Viber since 2015, offering a full range of Viber services for your business needs. You can choose from Viber Business Messages, Viber Ads, stickers or chatbots. Use Viber in combination with other tools to enhance your multichannel marketing strategy and optimize your budget.

Messaging services

GMS’ reliable and easy to use the multi-channel messaging platform, Hyber, allows you to set a global multi-channel communication flow in one convenient interface. Whether it’s SMS, push notifications, e-mail, voice, or OTT messaging – Hyber ensures reliable notification delivery across channels. Choose from a combination of customizable channels, broadcast messages, two-factor authentication, and receive online reports – all within one secure platform. All of these channels support 2-way messaging which allows your business to replace one-way communication with a dialogue to reach and engage your customers.

Interactive projects

GMS helps your business create individualized, cost-efficient, instantly recognizable channels which can be used for multiple SMS campaigns. Create one or more custom numbers, measure campaign effectiveness, and leave the backend logic to GMS. Interactive SMS campaigns bring warm leads and enable your customers to contact you for more information, directly impacting sales. Two-way communications use shortcode-based interactive campaigns to engage customers.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is a more targeted way of advertising. Based on the analysis of mobile subscribers’ data, information about products or services is delivered to your customers. While people can miss out on a generic email, targeted SMS messages are opened instantly, so a timely, automated, targeted offer significantly increases the probabilities of bringing you a new customer.

Software solutions

GMS offers a range of top-quality, reliable software solutions ready to give an edge to your business. We are experienced in developing and supporting Chat Bots, mobile applications and business solutions for various business fields. If you don’t want your customer to bother downloading or updating a dedicated app, costly and complex to develop, then a web-based application is a quick to market and easy-to-support solution. All of GMS’ software solutions can be hosted In-Premise, In-Cloud, or hybrid, which makes them scalable, cost-efficient, and secure.

Hyber Platform

By 2020, there will be around 5.7 billion smartphones in use globally. Hyber is GMS’ secure, reliable, cost-efficient multi-channel messaging platform designed to take your multi-channel communications to the next level, allowing you to take full advantage of the ever-increasing number of smartphone users, as well the rise of OTT messaging. We create a strategy tailored to your needs and preferred channels and Hyber will ensure faultless and timely multi-channel communications delivery. It’s a single point of entry to the world of efficient, strategic communications.






Benefits of
working with GMS

Structured approach

Before creating the strategy, GMS reviews current performance and identifies the right KPIs to control online acquisition.

Smooth integration

A set of cloud-based communication APIs allows a business to integrate with multiple carriers and scale as you go.

Turnkey multi-channel communications

GMS offers a wide range of solutions to interact with your customers through multiple channels in a safe, convenient and reliable environment.

Tailored solutions

Every client’s situation is unique, and we treat them uniquely: the solution GMS will offer to you will be custom-made, tailored to your exact needs.

We take your business to the next level

GMS is a reliable partner with over 12 years of experience in messaging. If you are ready to take a leap towards success or want to learn more about our services, our team will gladly get in touch with you.

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Use cases


Thanks to properly built communication with clients via Viber and SMS, in just 3 months downloads of the UKRISBBANK app rose by 50% and usage increased by 30%.


Viber service via GMS as an additional channel for abandoned cart recovery has increased the turnover by 10%. This is a significant figure when it comes to online sales.


MAXICARD faced a challenging task: to win back “lost clients”. With the help of GMS, they managed to retrieve 3.48% of customers who had spent over 3 million UAH in the partners’ network.

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