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Thanks to the Viber channel, Compfy has an opportunity to identify and reach multichannel customers: if one has a Viber account, there is a high probability that this person actively uses the Internet and online services (e-commerce, e-payments, etc.).


Allo’s promo campaign conversion rates and subsequent sales increased by 22%. Contacts via mobile phone (OTT messengers and SMS) proved to be most efficient and cost-effective for different types of campaigns and promos.


With the help of GMS, METRO’s promo campaign conversion rate doubled. For “Open doors” campaigns traffic to stores increased by 10%. By 2017 METRO plans to increase Viber traffic to up to 4 million / month.


The response to Viber is 2% higher than in SMS.


Restricting spam and illegitimate traffic provided full visibility of the messaging volumes. Capital and operational costs reduction, combined with maximized A2P and P2P traffic monetization allowed the profits from messaging to increase by up to 2400% of incremental revenue growth.


Full visibility made maximized monetization of A2P and P2P traffic possible. Combined with capital and operational costs reduction, this led to an increase in profits: incremental revenue of more than 900% growth was achieved.


Operational costs were reduced. International P2P traffic became fully secured and transparent. Local A2P links were taken under control to enable maximum monetization of international A2P SMS traffic.


International A2P and P2P traffic became protected and fully monetized. SMS business grew due to new types of traffic attracted to the now secured network.

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